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Create your elevator speech so you can talk to clients about your bookkeeping business. I have templates in this video for bookkeepers so you can create your own 30-second marketing conversation. It helps to PRACTICE explaining what you do and why–this comes in handy when you need to talk about your bookkeeping business during small talk (at a party … or on an elevator).

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Here are the 3 sections I talked about:

1. Who you are:
-Your name & business
-Your why
2. Who you help & how:
-Anything unique
-What does a bookkeeper do
3. Call to action:
-Business card
-Connect on LinkedIn

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8 thoughts on “Create your elevator speech (w…

  1. You have really motivated me and I'm super thankful I found your page. I would love to connect more because I feel like I can be a bookkeeper at home but I'm lacking the confidence to start.

  2. Hi Morgan. I'm a staff accountant in a large company, I'm looking into venturing into starting my own business. I want to offer Accounting, tax and payroll services to small businesses. My question for you is this, in your experience, can non-CPA's offer those services to business owners? Thanks!

  3. Thank you for sharing this video. I believe it is helpful to me to know what to say when I am trying to get more clients for my Bookkeeping and Accounting business. Hopefully, I will make it a practice of doing what you said in the video. Again, I thank you so much.

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