Death's Door – All 16 Shri…

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44 thoughts on “Death's Door – All 16 Shri…

  1. This is a brilliant video so thank you for making it but the boss battle at Shrine 14 is an absolute joke it's ridiculously hard and as of now I have yet to beat it. Too many attempts and I have to give it a rest. Great video though

  2. Thanks! just what I needed! Pro tip for that last overgrown shrine for that big green gas boss, Dodge towards him and not away from him since he can't do 360 attacks so just bee line doge him back and forth while hitting the planet and using bomb magic and the flower bombs, didn't have to hit him with my weapons at all.

  3. 6:35 HOLY SHIT! I'm almost done with the game and i didn't know about this lol I thought i would get a skill to use on those circular things on the ground o.O Fuck… now i will have to go back to all areas and find those things NotLikeThis … TY

  4. What! Are you kidding me? You slam down on those circles? I've been just assuming this whole time that I needed something for them: like a power? I hit end game and thought. Hmmm maybe it's something you get to complete the actual end game. Still nope. Did I miss a tutorial somewhere christ.

  5. Wow, I went to the point where you get the sling shot, before I looked this up. I literally had no idea you could ground pound those spots.. I must have missed something when they explained that.

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