Every once in a while, there’s a free WordPress plugin that makes you wonder how they can give so much good stuff away.

This time, it’s Depicter – A Free WordPress slider plugin that packs an awful lot of features into it.

From fully responsive options, dynamic WordPress data, easy optimisation, animation and so much more – Depicter is truly amazing.

Don’t take my word for it though – check out my video and then try it for yourself.


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50 thoughts on “Depicter | Amazing FREE WordPress Plugin…

  1. After this excellent review I wonder why I was trying to remove this amazing plugin. Another thing I have suddenly in mind is that I don't like when usefull stuff is completly free. Please guys, don't start shouting at me! A small contribution from all would most likely speed up the addition of new features (hiring more developers?). Thank you once more, Paul for this review.

  2. I actually found this 14 minute video useless. It reminded me of a video where they they teach you how to drive a manual car, but all they show you is where the accelerator, clutch and gear lever are located and how you press them in and out. At the end of the day, you've learned NOTHING about driving. What you learn from this video, you will learn in the same amount of time by downloading the script and pressing a few options. Sorry, but this is hardly inspirational. Congratulations for getting 50,000 plus views.

  3. And how long will it take for 90% of the options to be premium only ill bet this is within 6 months from now like ever other plugin or program when the use of the tool grows the developers start to see 💰💰💰

  4. That is really impressive. In the future they should add a full layout with this but make that their premium feature maybe. Crazy that this is FREE! – Are the stock photos a completely free license? That would be a concern lol but I guess it's all ok?

  5. Got a question… Can Depictor be used to edit Slider revolution templates? or is it propriatary to Depicter onlY?….. or better yet, Is there a vast slider template library out there (paid or free) that can be viewed to find cool and unique sliders (all kinds- slide up , down, side to side, fade, etc)

  6. Well you had me at go… having viewed the slider rev vids, and then when you hit the 'undo' button' I was all in! (old paintshop pro user) haven't found one on Elementor yet , but darn sure need one if it has it. Subscribed. Bought a lot of software , theme, Elementor Pro, etc, but finding I should be able to build my site with mostly free , like this one. Live and learn 67 , still learnin'

  7. You can bet your life that this won't be the full version. Everything about WordPress themes and plugins are carrots dangling on a stick to make you pay for the full version.

  8. Thank you Paul! I was looking to find such a powerful free slider maker plugin for a while. Thanks for the video. I'll try it. It looks like it has Canva controls. Which is great.

  9. The user interface on this is absolutely outstanding. It’s better than any slider editor I have ever used and I hope they add all the missing features to match all the best sliders out there soon. The key requirement for me is the ability to publish and unpublish sliders automatically by date and time. thanks for the outstanding review – I’ll definitely have to try this one!

  10. Thank you for including the GTmetrix info at the end. How does this slider stack up performance-wise against Slider Rev 6, SmartSlider3 or even Elementor?

  11. Paul, I agree with the author, the tool itself is unique and your presentation of it in this video is OUTSTADING! second to none. props to you mate, you got a new subscriber here, and thank you so much for your contribution. cheers from the Panama Canal

  12. Strangely im getting a server error 500 when trying to import templates even after upping the wp memory to 2048mb. Ive contacted support which said they normally take a few hours and its been several so far..hopefully will he resolved tomorrow…

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