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41 thoughts on “Difference Between 70 and 80 -…

  1. Lets help Mo out man! He deserves a shot, stress free. Matt, youre the man. Just found your videos a month ago and i share the hell out of them with friends in the game. Love the editing, the feel of the videos…just love ya dude. THE MAN

  2. You do what alot of other ppl always try to hit 100% power instead realizing instead of hitting a 300 yard driver with less control hit a 275 yard driver with good tempo. Same on irons stop trying to get max distance on everything.

  3. I must learn the birdie guitar riff! I absolutely love it! Also, mo is amazing for such a young man.

  4. I love your inner monologue being brought out in these videos. You truly have a way with words. I've learned a lot from you over the past several months watching your videos. Waddaguy.

  5. Loving your videos Matt. Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough time over the last 18 months. It may not be unique to you, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. 🤜

  6. Pick you own clubs … geez the guy complaining while he is walking around with personal caddies…. your a D head mate how about u come back to the real world and stop thinking your f'king tiger woods.

  7. Got to love the honesty in this video. And proves just how much of a mental game golf is.

  8. I love these videos since everything you’re talking about in regards to skill and the psychological element is so true. The best way I describe golf to others is it’s the most physically demanding sport, but a balance of strength, endurance, and mental ability. Especially on the pro level since 4 tournament rounds while walking is physically demanding, and mentally as well. That balance and keeping it together is a reason why golf is fascinating.

  9. Hey boss, maybe you should start watching these videos! You might learn somethings that could help you improve! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ it is good to know that I’m not the only person who play like this🤔 but on a more serious note, I think you should look to invest more time in helping Mo’s Career, it may just be the break you need too! There is nothing better than helping someone to achieve their dreams and Goals! All the best to you both!!!

  10. Correction: THIS is the therapy I needed after a meltdown round. Got so lost in trying to impress my friends that I did everything you were talking about. Fantastic series, looking forward to the next one. This weekend I'm gonna focus on a consistent pre-shot routine, getting in the zone, giving each shot the respect it deserves, and enjoying the scenery between shots. #waddalife

    If the gods want to reward me with a sub-90, I'll allow them to. But I won't chase it; I'll let it chase me. Thanks bru.

  11. I def understand. Past 4 years I played with people who were low single handicappers, while I was around would fluctuate between 10-13. They all hit it longer than me and were better around the green. Instead of understanding my own game, I was trying to impress them each time I played with them. I finally understand that if I want to play better, I had to understand and play my game. Also, I was trying to draw or fade the ball when I should had just been aiming at a target and swing, and only trying the work the ball when it was necessary. Also, I used to rage, I finally realized that I will never be on any pro tour, so now, I just enjoy the nice scenery and the game more.

  12. I’ve only watched the 2 minutes so far and you’re spot on. I played in three New Series Tournaments this year and each one was a study in crash and burn due to trying too hard while playing with better golfers!

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  14. Man this is one the most relatable videos ever! The "trying to impress" factor has been kilking me for years now, even if I'm only trying to impress myself, instead of only focusing on what's important

  15. Mate, I feel ya! I live in Brisbane, Australia. We’re lucky enough to still be able to play golf, yet my anger and frustration with the game has seen me leave after 6 holes and not turn up for the second day of a tournament recently. I have lost the love for the game. Help is overdue… yet I think about the bloody sport, watch it and research it, a true addiction. What to do? Awesome content

  16. Hi Matt, love watching your content. But… could you please do a glossary on your flip chart… what is a poeffie, what is a baus ? For those of us without Afrikaans background it would be greatly appreciated 😊 cheers man

  17. It's wild to me how poignant your insights into golf mentality is, it's like your reading my mind. Great content Matt keep it up, love it.

  18. This is so instructive! I was playing a round a couple of weeks ago, I self-destructed, felt like I wanted to cry, got angry, got aggressive, and only later sorted myself out. What you say here is so right!

  19. I like playing with better players. It usually takes me a couple of holes but I will drag them down to my level! LOL!

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  21. FOR ME, I seem to play better when I am playing with players that are better than me. I see their smooth swings and rhythm which reminds me those are the keys to my swing.

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