Does Anyone Remember Apple&#39…

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Remember Apple’s (forgotten?) iWeb software? Today we’re going to flashback to it and explore. We’ll also try to make a “new” website with it.

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41 thoughts on “Does Anyone Remember Apple&#39…

  1. Enjoy the new episode! I have some REALLY fun gadgets arriving in the lair soon (some weird stuff, some rare prototypes, and some scam tech). I'll make episodes about them ASAP! So make sure you're subscribed and stay tuned! 🔔

  2. “We skip the tutorials, then wonder why later, things aren’t working. – Geek Motto” Needs to be on merch.

  3. Now i really want to see the most future proof applications. Scripts with protocol that could potentially get past things that are entirely different and newer. Imaging if it got to the ssl, was confused, and then just wasnt.

  4. I grew up with Windows PCs and only used a Mac like once or twice (Apple products were too expensive here in the PH back in the day), but there's something nostalgic about old Apple software from the '90s and 2000s.

  5. In true male fashion you never read the manual or instructions. Figure it all out on your own and ONLY read the instructions as a last resort 🙂

  6. The last time you could get iWeb was with the release of iLife '11. I just installed it on an older iMac I'm selling and thought, "Would anyone actually use this?" I built a couple of websites with iWeb. I even have one page still up on the bowels of my WordPress website that is holiday-themed and gets sent to family around Christmas.

  7. I have not seen that classic Computer Clan site in forever, cool to see it appear again

  8. iWeb was my start to web design and programming as a whole. In 2008 I sat down to make a few Pokémon web pages, and after a year or so I learned proper HTML and CSS and left iWeb behind, but I think back on it fondly. It made simple website creation easy for many people. One thing you didn't touch on was the photo slideshow pages. You could add an entire folder and it would show a simple but powerful photo gallery and slideshow if I recall correctly. Apple wanted people to use it for .Mac/MobileMe sharing of photo events and things like that. It was cool to see you make something using iWeb again!

  9. I just assumed super rich Californian kids used it to show their gopro videos of them surfing or something I dunno.

  10. When I was 14 in 2010 I built a website in iWeb and won a pretty big award here in Ireland by one of our Internet Providers for best web design and best website! 🎉

  11. I vaguely remember watching the Xbox Two video yearrssss ago before I discovered your channel again. Never knew it was you!

  12. Hey! There is a scammy tech product I found called the Blast Portable Air conditioner. Do you think you could cover it?

  13. So I finally figured out how to use my Raspberry Pi as a server and host a domain on it, but I’ve never created html pages from scratch before. So I still use iWeb on my mac to create the pages, then scp those files over to my raspi and voilà!
    Each webpage on my website still says “Made on a Mac” at the bottom left corner.

  14. KrazyKen, have you noticed that a lot of major websites (including social media) has removed RSS? Thankfully, RSS is still here on YouTube, it's the only [real] way to keep track of ALL your subscriptions. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think it's really garbage that RSS isn't supported on more major platforms. One good thing is that a lot of websites these days use WordPress as a CMS, and you can get RSS feeds from WP websites by adding /feed/ at the end of the website URL.

    Edit: I posted this in the very beginning of the video, and I'm glad to see more RSS haha.

  15. Once you go black, you go Adrian. 😉
    I remember using java based html/css editor, called Arachnophilia back if the day it. It was pretty nice.

  16. I used iWeb. I loved being able to drop 100 pics from iPhoto into it to build a huge gallery page.

    What else can do this today?

  17. I miss RSS. I remember having all of my friends blogs and twitters RSS'd to my desktop via rainmeter back in the day and feeling like Cypher from The Matrix

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