DON'T USE Shopware For You…

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10 thoughts on “DON'T USE Shopware For You…

  1. I think you need to do your own research rather than rely on 'word of mouth' . We have been a Shopware partner for 5 years and NEVER have Shopware asked us to pay anything additional for any form of support. In fact its quite the opposite.

  2. I've been working with Shopware for some months now. As this is and was a disaster project. We now in this shitty system and trying to find out to switch to another programm.

    Some examples:

    1. want to sort the downloads? No, not possible. However some fields that look the same, do use sorting

    2. Want to duplicate the product? No no no, you can't do this. No button for that.

    3. Want to set banners in the shopworld? No, you can only activate all the banners or non. Not one seperate.

    4. Would you translate articles? Yes thats no problem. Want to translate FAQ collapsed area's? No not possible.

    5. If you want to test SEO url with german specific ä, ë, ï, ö, ü. Url tested and ok but doesn't work.

    I could go on with all the things i've found. Settings are not where they should be. Options that are available for years, don't exist.

  3. Perhaps do your OWN research next time. "I love open, I love code" etc, and you went with Shopify!? Erm, ok…..

  4. What he has to say is absolutely true, I never heard of sw6 until a few months ago and the entire process is painful. The community version no support from SW what so ever.

  5. So you don't like shopware because you heard from a 3rd person, that you actually have to pay for letting the support solve your problems, and you don't want to pay other people doing work for you? Applause!

  6. Shopify? Really? Just one example – you cannot set up a rule to sell excempt VAT if users are ordering outside the UK – and their support sounds more like a chat robot than a real person so….

  7. You dropped this man. A company develops an enterprise level soft. and charges you for support so they can actually make money. As someone who has used WooCommerce, Shopify, saleor commerce, Shopware and sylius I find you video strange. How many stores have you built with Shopware to actually give an oppinion?

  8. Pretty sure Shopware has support for every edition apart from the Community Edition, which is free – in which case there are the forums, YouTube, Slack and Github for help.

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