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Elementor has just made the public beta of Elementor 3.7 available for download and testing and it includes 4 key new features.

1. User language in the backend editor
2. Numeric scrubber (WTF???)
3. Use custom icons on the carousel slider, video & alert widgets
4. Default ‘Exit To’ link in Elementor…

This update, while not particularly exciting is in stark contrast to what Bricks Builder is doing with both their recent Bricks 1.4 update and the beta version of 1.5 and the sheer number of massive new features and tweaks.

Is Elementor simply resting on its reputation or its huge marketing budget?

I have my opinions, but I’d love to hear yours in the comments of this video.

Elementor Changelog:


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43 thoughts on “Elementor 3.7 Beta | New Features | My

  1. I’m more likely to return to your channel for the humor than I am for the Elementor updates.

    Your restraint is impressive. I can’t justify renewing at this point except for the security updates that come far too long after the hack.

  2. It must be sad to have to speak ill of the Elementor… this channel has become a hater center for the Elementor, but why would it be? Is it because he is being paid to speak well of the competitor?

  3. Not to mention the following: Last time I checked it was not possible to change the CHECKBOX and RADIAL styles of their forms. I had to use CSS.
    Which led me to a question: what is the point of these small changes if they don't perfect the basics???

  4. Wow! Amazing update elementor. What?! New Post Slider Widget… Post Filter and so much more! That’s an update! HAHAHAHA (Yet again no one from Elementor team looks at the Suggestion Emails haha)

  5. In general I tend to agree with you, some of these supposedly "great“ new features of Elementor 3.7 are actually a bit pathetic and do not justify this version jump…
    HOWEVER: the ability to set the language of the Elementor editor to a language different from the site’s is a very valuable feature as soon as you're working with multi-language sites (e.g. via WPML). If you're, for whatever reason, forced to make some Elementor design changes to – say – JUST the Chinese version of a page (independently of the english [or whatever] original) you have to change the site's language to Chinese – up to now this inevitably also changed the Elementor editor’s language to Chinese and made quite uncortable for a non-Chinese-speaking designer to go along…

  6. Sir,

    I am thinking seriously to move from Elementor to Bricks.

    After investing so much money, time and efforts, Elementor has not much improved . Seems they have forgotten innovations.

    Now look at Bricks, they are developing exponentially.

    I have gone through many Bricks videos , i am really impressed by them.

    Also they have a Lifetime plan at a very reasonable charge which will for sure increase in future.

    What are your views sir ?

    Please make detailed videos on website designing with Bricks from beginer to advance level with dynamic data.

    I will be waiting eagerly.

    Till then be safe and healthy.

    Yours student,

    Vivek Kumar ( Dehri On Sone , Bihar , India)

  7. Wow!! Ha yeesh well said indeed Paul
    Ridiculous w these tiny changes when this company responsible for 10 million sites and the $$$ they’re bringing in. No reason there shouldn’t be massively amazing updates constantly.

  8. Elementor is not gonna last.. They are going to move to a Wix model anyways. Their cloud plan shows what they wanna be. They don't want to innovate anymore they are all about investors making their money. Gutenberg plugin builders will kill Elementor.

  9. Hi Paul, I didn't know you had such an awesome sense of humor. 🤣 The development of the Elementor is definitely going in the wrong direction. But to change all pages now would be a big challenge. I'm looking at bricks and Gutenberg. But as long as Crocoblock only develop for Elementor, I'll put up with it.

  10. I definitely don't like what Elementor has become, I don't sympathize with the branding and design elements of the brand, which in my opinion, portray the company's culture well, as seen in a ridiculous and inappropriate ad on instagram, where a woman throws a cake in the face of a man who reacts submissively and pathetically. I imagine the workflow there is exactly how the company treats developers and its customers, the company's headquarters must be run by spoiled barbies.

  11. A little sarcasm? ROFLMAO! I use Elementor Pro and generally it works for me, however I am not impressed with the pushing of using the subscription model with google cloud hosting. Just let me buy my licenses and leave me the phuk alone!

  12. 🙂 Paul, I must say, I laugh out loud while watching the video, I enjoyed your sarcasm. The new features "improved" little or didn't do much….. I can do without them.

  13. Tenes razón en mucho de lo que decís, pero creo también esto puede ser analizado de otra manera. Puede ser que estén preparando actualizaciones en segundo plano mucho más grandes, y mientras nos ofrecen estás pequeñas mejoras para "entretenernos". No hay que olvidarse que Elementor es el builder N°1, cada movimiento que hacen debe ser muy responsable dado que cualquier mínimo error pueden perder usuarios. Creo que está bien exigir, porque al cabo somos nosotros los que pagamos, pero creo que hay que tomar prudencia y sobre todo paciencia.

  14. I watched pTuts videos and thought to my self why is he always digging out elementor but now I see why this a so disappointing for a major release think I’ll
    Be moving to bricks elementor is just collecting money now there are so many bugs with elementor and they have no intention of fixing any of them

  15. Wowww!!!! Too much to handle in one go there!!
    Maybe, Elementor are trying to rush through their updates to get to 4.0 where they're saving the real fireworks to happen! (…or not) 🤔

  16. Dude. Your just being a bit of a jerk with this rant.. any improvement is an improvement… and though spelt beta (bee-ta) it is pronounced (Bata) why I don’t know, but it is what it is… This rant cost you 5 respect points and I am an avid watcher of your videos… but today you just sounded like a spoiled child…

  17. Surely replacing standard icons ('x' to close things, arrows/chevrons for scrolling) – the function of which everyone already understands with no explanation needed – with random icons/images that could mean and do anything is a terrible idea. It messes with the 'user model' of 'how things should work'. I'm not sure I'd ever choose to use these features.

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