Elementor Flexbox Container Tutorial | Use It The

Elementor Flexbox Container Tutorial | Use It The
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20 thoughts on “Elementor Flexbox Container Tutorial | Use It The

  1. Fantastic, Informative, and Detailed. This is the gold standard of video production that you do so very well. You pass along a vibe of confidence so that I feel that I can solve problems on my own which is the whole point of quality education. Thanks a million, Paul !!!!!

  2. this is awesome, why am I just now learning about containers? ughhh, I'm on the late freight. Thank you for this. We're about to start a redesign of of our company sites and this is perfect. Thank you for the great tutorials.

  3. This is an outstanding video and I am inspired to use Containers the way that the universe of geeks intended for them to be used. I do have one question that was not addressed in this video: what if I want to create a two-column layout in which an image and a line of text are to be stacked and aligned to the left side and then a third element aligned to the right side. If it is one element on each side, I can readily see how I can do that with just one container, but the presence of three items — two in the first column and one in the second — makes this less clear. Can this be done with a single container or is it better if I create two containers?

  4. I love your videos, I'm not a developer but have managed to build a production site using your youtube videos on elementor and various plugins…… Thanks, Paul keep up the good work

  5. At first I couldn't wrap my head around it, after plating with the containers on a test site and watching these videos I can now use containers to the full. I love this new system. Flex wrap and grow are a life saver. I was able to duplicate any design I seen and with very few containers on the page, way less then sections. Im ready to move on to live site with them. I think they are safe to acrivate on live sites now?

  6. I been playing with it on the elementor playground site. Its tricky but im starting to understand it quickly. Had trouble stacking button widgets but getting there with it. I wish i kept the sandbox site up, but its a very kool feature, I can see the potential and less request made per page.

  7. thanks mate, was searching for the "container".. Elementor apparently has grown so much in size that even not that recent "functions" like flexbox, they take time to incorporate.
    Being a more code-savvy wannabe user, I'm testing the Breakdance builder actually

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