Elementor – Is It TOO BIG To Fail?

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38 thoughts on “Elementor – Is It TOO BIG To Fail?

  1. As always, another video that's 100% on point.

    Regarding the lack of a public roadmap, you reminded me of the following saying about "feedback" which reads – "Feedback is the breakfast of champions, without feedback we die slowly, sadly and angrily."

    Elementor's lack of feedback might eventually be their downfall, this is my opinion – an ex Elementor fan boy.

  2. The Question is, is WordPress to big to fail? Why have an everchanging BASE like wordpress that screws pagebuilders up like it does? I say, screw wordpress and get a tool that is it is it´s own 100%!!

    Sure, follow WordPress uuugh. Gee, why is no one discussing wordpress "development" disaster it means to everyone else? I will personally look for something else that is self contained and not depending on Chaos!! The world is mad.

  3. Elementor is a good tool for art designers. Gutenberg is just not that kind of thing. And the trend is that there are more and more non-coders who want to design web sites on their own. Imagine you use Gutenberg to build a site but later you find one function you need to add to your site but there is no such plugin and you don't know any coding skill. You will go mad.

  4. Great video. Thank you … I am just not sure if this is the "right" question. I don't think it's a matter of being too big. If a large, dominating company like Kodak can fail so can Elementor. Easily. I see Elementor going the typical way of the Innovator's Dilemma – putting on the blinders and going at full speed. And the question for me is if they can overcome that dilemma.

    Don't get me wrong: I love Elementor (Pro), and I concur with what you said about Visual Composer (and others). I used it many years ago, and now I would not touch it. Elementor's approach was so much better than Divi (at the time), Themify, and all those builders at the time (I went through a number of them).

    My prediction: In 5-8 years from now we will remember Elementor the same way we remember Visual Composer today … unless Elementor addresses the issues you mentioned in your video.

  5. I am abandoning Elementor! This why:

    1) pro is a necessity and it costs…
    2) It’s an invasive plugin. it can it will take over the site.
    3) Creating anything obstructs theme to present as supposed. To this day I still have not figured out how to get it right or break it back.
    4) I never ever got any answer in support even as a pro sub.
    5) Integration with existing WP is just not there. Is an entirely new platform on top of a new platform.
    6) Blocks are getting good to great.
    7) you can go backwards in blocks
    8) Blocks is an integral in WP, Woo etc. Not another platform.
    9) you don’t have a white blank page in WP that was just invaded by Alientor
    10) blocks load fast
    11) are better SeO integrated

  6. It's horses for courses. Elementor is something I insist on my business using for brochure websites and blogs because it's great for that. I wouldn't want it implementing for a large technical website or a project that requires a lot of custom coding though.

  7. As a web professional who works at the Enterprise level for my day job I can say that the most irritating thing about Elementor (I have a Pro account) is that there are some basic features that have been completely ignored while they do a lot of experiments and kind of useless capabilities. Like you said – gaps that you have to fill with other plugins. Even on their website – I have to log into my main Elementor account, then log into the Support site, then log into the Community site. SSO people. I don't do more than a handful of freelance sites a year. I've got it down to a science but I'm looking at GraphCMS and Gatsby and keeping client content more separated from the presentation layer.

  8. Great discussion points! I luckily grandfathered in at 1000 licenses renewal for… $99? But I just created a new site using Gutenberg with Kadence Pro and Blocks and it's got a lot of potential.

  9. What is the thing about pagebuilders plug-ins? Yes the customers are able to do special things. In the end it is mostly the same. The website is bloated and terrible slow. We provide templates and a self developed grid plugin for Gutenberg. Our customers never had a problem with that.

  10. Buggy code is temporary.
    3rd Party developers made Elementor successful. That's the secret sauce for any software that has anything to do with WartPress; 3rd party developers. If Elementor keeps them happy it will continue to remain relevant.

    That said, the —really really smart— developers are moving to Web 3.0 and AFIK there is no "builder" yet implying that's where the money is going to be made in the next few years.

    So Elementor can lose their most important 3rd party developers if those developers decide WartPress is yesterday's news and the future is Web 3.0

  11. I'm relatively new to using builders with WordPress even though I've built plenty of WP sites using the classic editor and a theme and writing CSS to modify things. Last year I learned Divi, but didn't like it as I feel it is quite glitchy. I had heard of Elementor and started building sites using the free version. I just paid yesterday for the $199 Elementor Pro package and today I found this video and it's quite interesting. I had been dabbling with Bricks and I really liked it and it was fun, but decided on the ease of Elementor. If I had seen this video before purchasing, maybe I would have looked at other options a little more before deciding. Thank you for the video!

  12. So Elementor bought Strattic. This is another conversation and a waiting game to see Elementor move to this platform to have a controlled environment. It would seem that going here would cut a dent in their market share if they put all their chips in on Strattic as to fix their "problems". Interesting…

  13. I think it's only to get worser than it already is, php 7.4. X.. comes end of life in about three months, this will cause a big shift at WordPress plugins also. What they could do is going to a one year release cycle or by start using Canary deployment just like Laravel is doing and that is somthing wordpress also needs to consider to increase the stability and giving more time to developers to update their code to work with elementor and vica versa… If people want all the latest bells and wissels they could use the developer plugin of elementor at own risk.

  14. Thank you for the information. I think Elementor is still the best page builder compared to other builders. Any service has millions of subscribers; it is normal to have negative feedback; I have tried many builders you also talk about, and not even can be compared with Elementor.

    But should Elementor do a better job? Should they add more features to minimize user bugs & costs by using third-party plugins? YES

    Must issue are not with Elementor but related to Elementor third-party add-ons. Elementor can't follow third-party codes, but third-party should follow Elementor and update their code that follows Elemento versions. Most of them are outdated and not getting regular updates.

    Elementor is providing the best support now, with new pricing, the case getting fixed in 30 mines, and honestly, I have tried that many times. All the issues were with third-party plugins.

    I agree many many more must be done, especially keep adding widgets, not only features that will keep Elementor strong; instead of forcing users to install ten plugins for achieving some tasks like stupid Crocoblock or Geodirectory or others that separate plugins to make money. by using Elementor only, will be no issues and the site staying light, after 5 years using it, it is the best at this time…

    Thanks, paul, you are always the #1 that I love to watch.

  15. I have been using elementor for 3 years. The number of plugins on my sites or client sites were always over 10 (Elementor, Elementor Pro, Jet Mega Menu, Jet Woo, Jet Tabs, Jet Search, Jet Reviews, Jet Wishlist). This year i started building my own blocks and queries and guess what, i need only 2 plugins which is woocommerce and rank math. I can update these plugins anytime and i dont need to worry for compatibility like was with Elementor and Crocoblock. Best decision ever. ( without mentioning the page load speed )

  16. For me, I'm regaining my trust with Elementor.

    Lately, Websites I build with Elementor deliver amazing performance >90 Pagespeed. Whether the web structure is diverse with many CPTs or Woo. It still delivers unexpected performance. It's important to optimize images (WebP, SVG icons, PNG) and use fewer columns, fewer widgets, be ready to think, and use more CSS.

    Fact, I want to give up Elementor too. However, it's hard to replace when Elementor is a great combination with Crocoblock.

    We can still build with high-performance, functional, and beautiful UI with Elementor. Even though they have released a few silly features, the Flex Box is an apology.

    I believe they are improving, it's only a matter of time. They have great resources and more options.

  17. You have said it well Paul. I started my IT career in 80s, have seen enough big time software companies tumbled and fall. For instance Wordperfect, Lotus 123, Word Star, Dbase & etc. I guess one of the biggest reasons was that, they didn't keep up with the technology and meet the demands of the users.

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