Elementor listened to us! The Container solves

And besides the problems Elementor’s new container solves it also gives us many more design option. I think we can be happy with this upcoming container update!

Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming grid video, because that video will be essential for people that want to understand how to work pixel perfect in Elementor.

Videos I mentioned in this video:
– 10 Annoying things Elementor should fix:
– Sections, Columns EXPLAINED:

→ Software that I recommend
Elementor & Elementor Pro:
Hostinger (Affordable Hosting provider):
Siteground (Premium Hosting provider):
Figma (Design Software):
All software I recommend:

→ Gear that I use to create videos
My Laptop:
My Camera:…

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20 thoughts on “Elementor listened to us! The Container solves

  1. Hi, I need some help here. As you know that element does not support Microsoft edge now, so most of its widgets & modules don't work in the edge. I was wondering what you do to tackle this issue?

  2. Unfortunately, Elementor is still not listening and there are major features like Flexbox, global class styling, loop builder… that are missing and all new Builders like Bricks and Breakdance got them and it won't take long until they will become so much better compared to Elementor.

    The community is very frustrated, please help us and save Elementor otherwhise it's going to be the new Visual Composer 😭

  3. Kudos to Elementor for implementing FLEXBOX through the container element/widget. Back then you need to use the custom css field to achieve dynamic/flexible elements. I hope Elementor also incorporates the GRID css in the future.

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