Elementor Loop Builder – They FINALLY Listened

YES, YES, YES! The long-awaited Elementor loop builder functionality has come to Elementor beta!

But, what’s it like? Is it as powerful as JetEngine or Dynamic Content for Elementor?

Let’s take a whistle-stop tour of the feature and how it works in this first-look video.

Spoiler Alert: It’s NOT all roses!

LyteBox’s video:

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34 thoughts on “Elementor Loop Builder – They FINALLY Listened

  1. Very good indeed. And it has improved a lot since publishing this video 🙂 The ACF thingie also works fine, but not on the official release, only at the beta release for now, but that is a promising thing!😁

  2. So is there a way to make all of the individual cards displayed in the grid the same height? I can't get it to do that. Very frustrating, because I otherwise love it.

  3. I'm desperately trying to figure out if it's possible to create a category page with this? I've created a nice loop for my blog overview and would like to add this to my category/archive template. It shows all posts tho and in the query there is only the option to chose fixed categories, not dynamic ones. Or am I missing something?

  4. Could I use this to create a better Testimonial carousel?
    One where I can style each element such as name and title and keep these all at the bottom of the loop and not floating about the container under the text?

  5. Hi, I need some help here. As you know that element does not support Microsoft edge now, so most of its widgets & modules don't work in the edge. I was wondering what you do to tackle this issue?

  6. HEADS UP: Elementor is pushing HARD (VC $$$, Envato partnership, forked WP core) to make their cloud platform their primary business. This process will take a few years, but make no mistake about it, the WP plugin is not and will not be their focus, and may not exist outside of the cloud platform in the future. Be aware if you are building long-term client sites on Elementor.

  7. I am a developer I believe there is a bug in the elementor pro plugin causing a critical error with our client sites shutting down. I constantly have to restore their websites. Is their a patch of some kind or a compatible builder that I can install without the sites breaking up? Any suggestions would be awesome. I even contacted elementor pro support and no response. Anyone else having this big problem? Thanks

  8. not a fan at all about favoring cloud users. They are going to become just like WIX soon and we are all going to Bricks. Elementor better be very careful in their push to force users to their crap cloud services. Developers want to host where they want to forcing this issue makes them no different than WIX etc. bad on you Elementor.

  9. Thanks for the showcase! I think what Elementor is doing is great and obviously they are still in the process of flattening out all the bugs and making it work seamless with other integrations. Once it's in the official release it will definitely be a game changer. I hope they do release it outside of the cloud platform. For now I'll stick with the usual plugins, I have way too many custom fields to even consider using something different.

  10. Reply from Elementor when it comes to ACF:

    Hey folks,

    Ariel from Elementor here,

    We are going to release Elementor Pro v3.8 as BETA, I will write it again, as BETA. Which means we're still working on it!

    It goes without saying that we are going to add support for ACF and WooCommerce very soon. By the way, as far as we've tested Toolset and Pods works perfectly out of the box. So you can be calm 🙂

    The loop builder took us a very long time to launch because we want to ship the flexbox container to beta. We strongly recommend building a complex layout using the Container method to avoid the bloated code in the old method.

    Thanks for your patience, we really appreciate it.

    Stay tuned!

  11. Of course, this will be the one thing to leave Elementor. If it has just been the other way around, but Elementor seems to be losing their interest on customers. I don't get it, why we only have this major feature in the cloud, and then with bugs inside. Can't be the real thing, right!? I'm disappointed!

  12. A little disappointed with your demo, they shouldn't release this if the dynamic ACF data (with other dynamic content) isn't managed, it's useless, Ele Custom Skin does it without a problem!! :-((

  13. The lack of ACF support would be a complete dealbreaker for me. It's a half-arsed effort. But I'm hopeful they'll sort this before the alpha release hits the Elementor standalone version. I don't build that many loops for the type of sites I develop. But like most people here, I've long settled on 3rd party plugins to achieve custom loops and I have the feeling we'll all be be sticking with those for quite a while longer.

  14. Genuine actual as*holes – people like me been paying several hundred a year for elementor, every year, for years -and they dont release this essential feature for us? They only add it for cloud users.

    That is a real true d*ck move. Surely I can't be the only one super annoyed by that?

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