Envato Elements: Is It Worth It??

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34 thoughts on “Envato Elements: Is It Worth It??

  1. Hey, I am about to use the link to sign up for a year, but I have one question. When I want to use the stock videos or music in my videos, do I have to wait for some sort of license or is it still as simple as you showed in your video?

  2. if you GET A KICK BACK,, then ultimately the video is sponsored with a different setup/ and thats ok-, you could have just left that out versus making it a point then unintentionally backsliding by sharing that you get a KICK BACK, JUST show the people what ENVATO can do and that really all they need. thanks for sharing

  3. Hello! Tell me about copyright, if anyone knows, I understand that if I download a template for example business cards and put it on the Etsy marketplace, I get a ban for copyright? And if I replace any elements on this template, it is unique?

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