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  1. I am a natural lucid dreamer, or was, not had one for some time now..though I dream nighty and remember most. I was a natural at OBE, not had one of those for some time now. Talking about death, now that experience I nearly had a few weeks ago afyer being rushed into hospital with a perfect duodenal ulcer, and at nearly 73, I was in the high risk zone. Anyway, the best way to prepare for death is to realise, it is not the end. One should learn what to expect when first crossing over and wher we go when we first cross over. Forget about hell, that's religion for you. It doesn't know what it is talking about. If you prepare by reading books, watching ids of NDE's, they will give you some idea of what to expect. Death is natural, and what happens is natural. You just go home. You return to where you began. So what's scary about that ? If you listen to religion, you should be scared to death. That's their point. Leave all that behind. What happens is natural, not scary. I will go so far as to say, you never left home in the first place. That's why you're spirit needs the use of a physical body in the first place. You soul may occupy the same space as your physical body, but it is not of that space. Your physical body and spirit, are on difference vibrations/frequencies. Your spirit is on a different dimensional frequency than your physical body. Put it like this..you are walking down a street when your physical body suddenly has a heart attack and falls to the ground dead. Yet you are still standing there on the spot your body was occupying moments ago looking down at the body you just vacated, You are in the same space on a different vibration..and no one tending to the body, can see or hear you. So if you can understand what happens is natural and that even now, you are not in this dimention but in a higher one, that you are still home. You, the real you, the spirit are not actually in the physical world. You never left home. All you do when you die, is wake up to reality. Lucid dreaming and out of body experience, helps you to realise this. Especially the OBE.

  2. Just last week I completed the Astral Academy seven weeks of live training on Zoom. Great fun and I learned so much and I also have lots of resources now on many topics to dreaming, lucid, dreaming, astral travel, and other spiritual topics. So much that will help me to Evolve.

  3. Thank you Charlie for your vulnerability . I met you in Dublin 2015 weekend retreat and I always remember arriving late back after lunch and you kindly gave me your lying down spot for yoga nidra in a packed room.I practice in plum-village tradition and also find your books and Shadow course very helpful along with Thays book Reconciliation. Mind yourself and happy continuation as THAY would say🌸

  4. What a joy it is to listen to someone who understands how trauma works and who understands why the ”easy fixes” in sleep hygiene won’t work for those who needs help the most. And as usual, excellent interviewer skills.

  5. Amazing! Once again you succeed in your listening to the interviewee, with the gentleness but determination with which you ask the questions – to get him to talk about the deep and painful places from which we all grow. I'm so tired of interviews with 'gurus' who have come to enlightenment and are not continuing to evolve. I'm excited to hear people like me – that even though they have a spiritual path and are 'teachers' they still continue to live within the world of samsara and their development continues.

    thanks to both of you!

  6. Good conversation, thank you both. I also enjoyed the first one when I watched it a couple years back. I usually watch this channel just for the meditation-focused interviews, but lucid dreaming was huge in my life 30 years ago. Haven’t had more than one or two a year since then, but listening to a talk like this is often the trigger for a lucid dream that night. It invokes it😴😁 I now have your book in my Amazon cart

  7. I wonder how much mantra practice has to do with breath. I bet there's got to be a connection between types and the breath patterns they generate after chanting/singing for a while, whether steadying, relaxing or energizing the body etc.

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