Exciting Open-Source Audio Sof…

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– DPF Plug-ins:

– Laborejo Software Suite:

– GlassCoder:

– Rivendell Open-Source Radio Automation:

– Qtractor and Vee One suite:

– JACK and jack-example-tools:

– Surge XT 1.0.0:


(none – contributions are welcome!)




– PeerTube (open-source, decentralized):

– Odysee (user-size is open-source, centralized):

YouTube (fully proprietary,…


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27 thoughts on “Exciting Open-Source Audio Sof…

  1. I watched some of your wideo.
    It seems that you know what you are doing 🙂

    I'm a linux user. I wanted to configure my pc for the best audio quality (for listening).
    I know how to configure in the system but I started to look at forums… audiophile forums.
    And I'm lost.

    Could you please give me any advice?
    There is FLAC vs MQA war,
    Is 44.1kHz 16 bit enough or should I go with 192 kHz and 24 bit audio?

    I checked some songs with different encoding quality and compression method and I could swear that difference above cd quality FLAC are impossible to hear.

    (I use pretty good headphones and headphone amplifier)

  2. I switched to Linux and installed Ardour a few weeks ago…your videos are like university lectures….

  3. Hey! I really love this channel 😍
    I use Linux too and I have a problem with a device, hope you can help me: I just bought a multi effect pedal (can't be used as audio interface) and I need to install the new firmware by PC, but Linux can't see the device. Has this ever happen to you?

  4. Thanks for the update(s). The thing with Laborejo and Lilypond @ 9:35 : Lilypond is not a sequencer, but an engraver. It's main purpose is to draw notes / music sheets. But it also has the option to create MIDI files, so I guess Laborejo uses it for both.

  5. Wait a second here. I TOO HAVE A SONG CALLED HALLOWEINER!!!

    Dun dun duuuuuuun

    Oh nevermind. Silly me! Mine was called 'hOllow weiner.' Muh bad.

  6. How do you use "noise repellent" in realtime. I get a "noticeable" delay, even with 64samples in carla.

  7. I finally got some success getting ardour to work and quickly saved it before losing my accidental good luck. Then I installed Surge XT 1.0 and added that as a midi. Finally I compiled Ardour 6.9 and successful opened the session I saved! Baby steps I know but more encouraging than what I had with jack1 libraries. Wav files used to run at about one quarter speed and midi was choppy if it worked at all. I haven't felt like this since I learned how to tie my own shoes! What was that? A week ago?🤔

  8. Awesome video, Unfa! I've installed and checked on a lot of (new) software as well as the gxplugins.
    I couldn't use jack-dssi-host anymore, because of pipewire, but I found vsthost on my system, which works even better! I can now use the PG-8X.dll! 😀

  9. ODIN2 Has a serious bug.
    I was messing with it for 19 hours and my computer started hallucinating.
    Filed a bug report.

  10. Regarding the Qt plugins, I remember reading something about Qt license not allowing static linking. But don't quote me on that, I might remember that worng 😅

  11. Ardour is great, but lacking many features and feels dated, optically and the UX. There is a reason, why industry standard is the standard. Most of the software is really, really good. And unfortunately it mostly is proprietary. I totally get it, why F(L)OSS is ethically way better.
    If you're make a living of some applications, for me, I am using proprietary software. But we need to promote F(L)OSS for help make it better the upcoming time.
    For audio, I still prior Reaper over Ardour, because it's fast, feels more modern and 3 seconds after program start I can start recording my ideas. With Ardour the whole startup takes at least 20 seconds, until I can start recording. Bigger mixes are pain in the eyes (literally, the mixer is just confusing). But I support Ardour in my videos and the devs with a subscription and looking forward to version 7.

  12. Your routing in Carla resembles Star Treck, when they need to rout a deionized transporter signal through the warp coil stabilizers, through the holodeck scene generator… (30 more steps) and out the main deflector dish!

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