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Bells Hells may have located their quarry, but the heist is far from over as they face down freshly formed formidable foes…

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Due to the improv…

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28 thoughts on “Fight at the Museum… | Critical Role | C…

  1. HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing

    0:15 For one night only, a C1 style game (feel better Ashley)
    1:00 Hand wrestling
    4:30 Sam has a hard come down after that one
    8:20 Intro cinematic
    12:25 Recap Ends
    14:10 Battle begins
    24:30 Laura does Fearne
    28:55 Chetney is still curious about the other room
    37:25 Laudna also wants to see the other room
    38:45 Laudna and Imogen engage in some piggyback
    41:50 Whatever happens it’s Liam’s fault (watch Liam and Laura)
    42:45 The Yassification of Liam and Laura
    44:00 Nice
    46:45 FCG is in neutral
    48:35 Who’s Santa now
    50:45 Ashley rolls a nat 20
    53:00 Movable rod
    59:05 Matt tries to explain to Liam what Orym can’t do
    1:06:40 HDYWTDT
    1:10:00 The Yaassification of Marisha
    1:11:35 FCG is now Dave Matthews
    1:16:45 Matthew is unhinged
    1:23:20 HDYWTDT
    1:26:15 They come up with the single riskiest plan I’ve ever heard
    1:34:20 The Yaaassification of Young Sam
    1:43:00 The other team approaches
    1:44:35 Imogen turns on the oven
    1:48:15 Imogen is subjected to the Milgram experiment
    1:55:15 Making peace
    2:02:45 The Yaaaassification of Travis
    2:04:50 Chetney makes the grab
    2:06:05 Sam does his plug
    2:09:25 Hishari lore
    2:12:45 Chetney is an expert in coming downstairs
    2:18:45 Mask of the Serpent
    2:22:10 Laura almost makes the mistake
    2:24:20 BREAK STARTS
    2:31:50 Art Montage
    2:34:20 BREAK ENDS
    2:35:15 Hot both ways
    2:37:00 FCG hacks up the earring
    2:38:25 Fake betrayal
    2:42:30 Marisha’s Fearne impression
    2:43:35 The Prize
    2:45:15 The Consequences
    2:47:35 Trying to ignore Chetney
    2:51:35 Long rest
    2:52:40 Marisha is Yaaaaassified again
    2:53:40 Unbluing Imogen
    2:57:20 Bosoms Galore
    3:01:55 Reading the last page first
    3:06:05 Fearne has a pouch
    3:07:55 Chetney meets his match
    3:11:10 Uthodurn standoff
    3:14:20 Post-standoff backstory
    3:18:15 Picking up the bread (Grim Verity background)
    3:21:30 Chetney takes one for the road
    3:24:05 Travel montage
    3:27:25 The papers are revealed
    3:28:45 The Yaaaaaassification of Matt
    3:33:50 Feeding FCG
    3:34:50 Taliesing takes advantage of Ashley’s absence
    3:36:10 Use them poorly
    3:37:10 The travel montage continues
    3:38:25 The Yaaaaaaassification of Liam once again
    3:40:40 Horses have no souls
    3:42:55 Blindspot
    3:44:30 More Yaaaaaassssification of Marisha
    3:45:40 Level up hp
    3:47:25 Episode Ends

    The in-game start date for the episode was in the year 843. Sam’s gas can says “I cast Yassify” with heavily filtered pics of the cast.

    I've been watching this channel recently called SupergeekMike, who's going back and reexamining old CR episodes and teasing out DM and player advice from them. It's pretty good, maybe give him a look.

    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  2. When Imogen looks at her pocket and FCG noticed, I was hoping someone would ask of fern noticed and then if she does that they'd say fern tries to pick her pocket

  3. I know this is old, but it can't be said enough:

    Bring back Brian. 4 sides die kinda sucks and talks and Brian was an invaluable piece of the atmosphere and vibe and he kept certain things in check in a very valuable way. Also game ranch was pretty dope. Him not being in the family on screen feels wrong and gross. Fix this.

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