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I’m giving away the social media templates I’ve just created. Welcome to get my unique free social media templates here:

Modify and use them as you like!

Welcome to my website inventicity, a calm haven with intentional living tips; writing & graphic design tips; relaxing videos; photography tips & more

I’m publishing weekly videos on my YouTube channel Inventicity

And I’d be happy to send you some freebies! Get my templates (for Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram, and new courses “Create Your Dream Life” and “Copywriting for Creatives”. It’s 100% free!

+ Get access to use everything in my resource library for entrepreneurs, writers, and bloggers.

+ Get my video course Create Your Dream Life, and much more!

Videos about template design and graphic design:
How to Make Animated Videos in Canva and PowerPoint::
How to Create Presentations and Videos in Canva (for Free):
How to Make Video Pins in Canva (Free & Fast):
How to Create Animated Videos in PowerPoint (Fast and Easy):

More videos from Inventicity, on simplifying life and intentional living:

PLAYLIST Simplify Your Life | Intentional Living:



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