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Learning how to use FreeCAD to create assemblies joined with fasteners (nuts, screws, washers and bolts). We will learn the basics of the Assembly 4 workbench, a FreeCAD add on along with the fasteners WB. Using both Part and Part Design mobels and assemble them together. Easy on the beginner we will understand what a local coordinate is and how parts are assembled and linked together. Starting in Free cad we create a part design object then create a part workbench object. Will then connect these together in an assembly using iso standard threaded nuts and bolts which can be customised.

This course is aimed to teach the fundamentals of free CAD understanding the basics but delivering via teaching you different workflows.

We aim to teach you freeCAD in a practical way.

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18 thoughts on “FreeCAD 0.20 For Beginners | 1…

  1. am having trouble following the tutorial, i did exactly as mentioned however when i came to attaching the nut to the assembly the button in the toolbar and the menu is grayed out no matter how many times i deleted and added and refreshed the model cant get it to work, kindly let me know where i went wrong

  2. I still think that A2+ assembly-workbench is way much more easy to use when compared to Assembly 3 or 4.
    With A2+ you have not to deal with that bunch of LCS for every part you add. Specifying of the right position of every LCS can be a PITA when you don't know the exact dimensions of your components, and/or you have to resize the parent one for any reason…
    With A2+ you can simply say "make this edge coincident with that edge". Et voilà the components are assembled.
    Disadvantage of A2+: the naming problem.

  3. Great video and thank you so much for the explanation and help. I appreciate it. On the topic of fasteners, I can put a thread on a shaft by using the die, but cannot figure out how to make it a body that I can insert into an assembly. I am going to experiment with it, now that I saw the create part button you showed. I am hoping this is the right way to do it. Thank you again for your great tutorials. It helps this old guy!


  4. Nice video, well explained. I was going to ask for a comparison of the different assembly workbenches (and maybe some guidance over which one to use when). But you mention that you'll be doing that in the future so I'll just keep an eye on your channel. 😉

  5. Good video, thank you. Drawing a single part has only so much value. Drawing a part may be complicated or simple like your demo part. It is the assembly of parts that makes FreeCAD valuable. Thank you.

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