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  1. Thank you for the video! Written down the essential components-Bootstrap+Gatsby+GrphQl+React+Sketch+HTML, CSS, JavaScript=Hired!!! Fingers crossed that your equation works!

  2. Very informative videos. I want to leand web development like u front. How long you've been doing this? Becaise i just started studying and learning last week. I'm doing html and css i'm not in java script yet because i want to learn one at a time so i don't get confuse. And could u give me any advice. Btw i'm 35 years of age is it late for me to learn and is there any age limit to be front end developer. Thank you.

  3. Im studing SoftWare Engineer and im ready to graduate in next few months.I wanna start learning Javascript,Html and CSS with frameworks and be really good at it so that i can find a job remotely if its possible in the future.From where do you suggest me to start? What projects do i need to have in my portfolio? Also can i copy code from others or the uploaded projects need to be from scratch?

  4. These were fantastic 💯🌱, I were not sure about including the weather project in the portfolio or not but now I have a clear idea 🌱❤️….
    Btw will you create a tutorial of your property project ??👑🔥🌻

  5. How did you do the trustpilot widget on your Envira website? I'm trying to recreate the project but Im not sure how to add the recent trustpilot reviews. Or did you just use static html/css and write in the reviews? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

  6. I have same portfolio template 😅
    I built it with HTML & SCSS 6months ago (a day before my first web dev job interview) 😂😂🔥🔥

    Great video 🔥🔥

  7. I’m getting the sense that it’s often a lot to do with where you apply. There’s companies that want to see potential and a good attitude. There’s others that expect you to be Mark Zuckerberg 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. Surprised that you got a job with those projects. Definitely not underestimating the work, well done but these kind of projects usually make people think that you may have just followed a tutorial as they are very common as mentioned in the video.
    In my case, I had 2 nice full stack projects along with some front-end ones and I still had hard time to land my first job.
    Good luck everyone who is trying and putting in efforts in web dev.

  9. I literally subscribed because its a very simple video with no clout bs to take up time. You explained, what you did, what worked and didn't and moved on to the next thing. I hope you keep your content like this!

  10. Is there a website or something similar that will list for your or a GitHub repo that lists some of the top or best projects you can do relatively on the path you took : web dev, app dev, system Dev, desktop dev ….

  11. I feel motivated after watching your video. I am not able to get a job as a Website Developer but it's my dream. I know html, css, basic javascript, mysql and php. I can also make prototypes in figma and adobe xd but can't do photoshop. May you help me please about what i make to get a job???

  12. Why would an interviewer care so much if everybody makes a weather app? Isn't the point of a portfolio to showcase your competency? Or does the interviewer want you to reinvent the wheel and to create the next Tiktok?

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