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  1. Also not having an 85 44 degree for splash shots is touch going cause you force the shorter iron chip with is a hard shot

  2. Putter?? Just got the game the other day since it was on sale on Xbox. Is your bag still the same? Could use all the help I can get lol.

  3. I wish you could carry 2 drivers. I would 100% do that. I'd like the Bridgestone bomb driver but also the super forgiving TaylorMade one, then select one depending on the shot. I'd absolutely sacrifice one of my wedges if I could do that.

  4. Hey I have a question. When I go to change clubs it kicks me out of the game and closes out and sends me back to my desktop anyone know maybe why it does that? Only when I go to change clubs and try to change them everything else works fine it’s weird

  5. I have only had this game a week I'm In the career just made pga should I go for these clubs u have?

  6. Wow thank you so much for the update. I just added this bag a day ago and these clubs are ifantastic!. It's like night and day coming from what i had. Thanks again.

  7. Love the videos. I want to change my 3 iron but I have 3 HP 3 IRONS and it won't let me replace it. Is there anyway to delete some of those HP Studio 3 irons and ad the Titleist 3 Iron? Can I purchase an entire set of clubs or do I have to add them one at a time? Thanks. #RBRN

  8. Is it the game that allows the 11* driver to hit farther then a 9* driver. Really world that would be reverse. thanks for the vid.

  9. Is there any way to save bags like loadouts? I have a few different sets and it’s bugging me having to load clubs in and out

  10. Clearly I have no clue what I’m doing lol but for some reason I am stuck with a 4 hybrid and it won’t allow me to change it but ty this video helps a ton I feel

  11. Hey just starting to get into this game and your channel ahs helped me a ton so far! Right now im just rocking all default clubs exept for the gold plated driver, what order clubs should I prioritize getting first?

  12. Been trying to find the right mix with the swing change. Tried these out a few days ago and yup…this is the one. Thanks!

  13. Respawn you should start your society back up! You make great content & followers like me would enjoy your tournaments 😁

  14. Very underrated channel. You have a new subscriber!
    I find myself loving the shot shaping on these irons. My biggest struggle is swing plane (only 2-3 months into playing this game) and damn if it isn’t small on these. Maybe I just need to brute force using more difficult clubs to get outside my comfort zone. Thanks for the thoughtful explanation, sir. Enjoy your day broski!

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