Hidden job market in Australia

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17 thoughts on “Hidden job market in Australia

  1. invite them for coffeee??? why would anyone go for coffee with a stranger only to help a this total stranger to get a job… even if some one agrees to go out for coffee don't you find this very awkward and strange….!!! are you kidding us??

  2. Hello! I studied Political science (BSc) and I plan to do a change of course field and study Info. Technology or Computer Science related course on a Postgraduate level. Is this possible in Australia? Does this path guarantee me job prospects and PR in the future?

  3. Soon thousands of thousands international students are returning back to Australia,and my question is that May be there will be shortage of job in job market????
    Highly appreciate if you could share you though.

  4. Thank you so much sam! Past couple of days has been rough for me, youtube algorithms decided to suggest me the bad side of Australian universities as cash cows etc since then I've been googling everything about Australia and jobs in Australia and all i found was negative aspects from people, this video was definitely a mind saver for me! Thanks alot.

  5. I failed in 12th,than I completed diploma in computer engineering and now I have government approved 12th equevalancy certificate that shows I completed 12th (pass). My score is 9.03 CGPA in diploma out of 10.Can I eligible for Australia bechlor course? Please need answer. My second question is if i came to Australia on partner visa can i study there as local student?

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