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Ghost is a powerful app for new-media creators to publish, share, and grow a business around their content. It comes with modern tools to build a website, publish content, send newsletters & offer paid subscriptions to members.

Setting up Nginx Proxy Manager:

Use CloudFlare SSLs in Nginx Proxy Manager:


The hardware in my recording studio is:
✔ Lenovo ThinkPad T580 i7-8650, 512GB NVMe, 32GB RAM (Bought used on eBay)
✔ Panasonic LUMIX G7 4K Digital Camera:
✔ Lenovo 4K Display:
✔ Neewer Lights:
✔ Light Power Supply:
✔ 55″ Gaming Desk:
✔ Sabrent USB-C Hub:
✔ Das Keyboard 4 Professional:
✔ Eutuxia Type-S Black Tempered Glass Monitor Stand:
✔ Fuqido Big and Tall Gaming Chair:


✨Find all my social accounts here:

✨Ways to support DB Tech:



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11 thoughts on “Host a Ghost CMS Website in Do…

  1. This is simplified and well put together, however I couldn't help it but notice that in your compose file you copied of off dockerhub it contains no volumes setup for data persistence. Maybe you would like to point that out somewhere in pinned comment or something so people do not question why all is lost if they have to restart containers or something happens.

  2. Hi. Great stuff like always. But I have a problem every time new user want to create account receives error "Failed to sign up, please try again". Users created manually also can not log in "Failed to log in, please try again" does anyone know how to solve it?

  3. Problem that I have is setting up the mail config in Docker Compose, everything sets up but when I want to send an invitation for someone to join as staff on my blog I get an error.

  4. I love your part about Joomla… in 2k8 I worked for a company and this lady who worked there wouldn't shut up about Joomla.. and pushed us to move our corp website 100% to Joomla… what a nightmare..

  5. Kinda weird name for a CMS. I'm trying to imaging googling for support and ending up into a paranormal rabid hole haha.
    My wife is also a WordPress dev so I'm running one of my sites on WordPress, but I can't even get support form my wife and have to learn things on my own. I'm going to try this out to tease her a bit.

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