How I designed this product website in Elementor

How I designed this product website in Elementor
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37 thoughts on “How I designed this product website in Elementor

  1. Hello ! I have a question… How do you do to make the web responsive? When I design the website is different than when I watch the preview.

    I mean, the picture or text some times move a little, do you understand me?

  2. I liked the intense CTA button, but nice tutorial. I've been coding themes by hand for a long time. I used Elementor one a job (just some content fixes) and was blown away by Elementor. I ended up purchasing because I'm getting older and I value my time.

  3. Thank you very much for your great tutorials.
    I am looking for an option to move image content in the frames. When customizing on mobile it is often the case that it would be good to be able to move the image so that, for example, something is not cropped. Is there an option for this?

  4. Dude, why is the damn YT algorithm suggest to me some bullshit videos for years and kept your channel away?!?!?!
    Great video, great tutorial! I'mma suggest your chan to my fellow designers. Awesome job man!!!!

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