How Much To Charge For Website…

The price for a website can vary depending on its value, size and lots more. In this video I cover what sorts of websites I’ve made over the years, and how much their value was.

Website pricing can be a hard thing to figure out, and know how much to charge for a site as a programmer can help you improve your freelancing or business.

As a coder I’ve slowly increased my prices over the years as projects and clients got larger.

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48 thoughts on “How Much To Charge For Website…

  1. Your work is truly impressive, particularly given that all the websites were created using WordPress. However, if you desire something more customized with additional features, a custom website would be a better choice. Keep in mind that it will come at a higher cost.

  2. How important to expert in CSS to be working for a company like your? I know HTML and JS(React: CRP, NextJS, Node: express) but it slow me down when it comes to CSS. My question is do I need to know CSS to be a web developer?

  3. You need to at least double your pricing mate — you're generating INSANE value for your clients (even with the simple WP templates). You need to be charging for that!

  4. Great to see and I love your designs. A lot of people don't realise that $10,000 websites have $10,000 problems, time, meetings, changes they just take longer and have more scope so you are just earning what it's worth. You don't get $10,000 websites with a scope of a $1000 site.

  5. hey in react i am creating a website in when i change pages in navbar with router some images and javascript will not work please give a solution then i need to refresh the page the only that will work

  6. I love the whole concept and also for the insight you shared on choosing a tech stack on the completion of projects. The main goal is knowing what the clients want and knowing how to solve them, I do have one question though, how do you handle clients who don't want to spend much on a projects.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your portfolio! So much clarity for someone seeking to starting out, esp given it has an Australian context. more videos like this please, thank you

  8. Super interesting. It's one of the hardest things to learn how much to charge for your time. Maybe obvious but I would not have thought of charging based on the value to the business rather than just looking at the time I'd spent on it.

  9. maybe some one asked u this tons of times before : are u the one who is doin the UX/UI designs or u have some one doing that then u do all the code ? if yes thats pretty pog and hopefully can u do a video about how to make it easier for any starter developer wants to work for him self ? how to deal with a customer ?..etc. thx a lot

  10. thanks, this really helped, can't wait to see more content like this in the future, since most people that watch you are probably beginners maybe make videos about making really small projects like in the 50 or 20 or 100 dollars mark because we can't all start with huge projects like you showed here, thanks again 🙂

  11. Loved this video Adrian, I've been trying to freelance on Fiverr recently, because I feel like businesses wouldn't really take me seriously since I'm 16. I'm trying to create portfolios for creators and influencers now instead until I gain some more experience

  12. Hi Adrian , your content is always awesome as usually 🙂 , please could you make a video to let us know exactly some proven ways to make some good money with freelancing as a developer.. thank you 😉

  13. This is really helpful, thank you. Maybe you could do a deeper dive into some of your larger projects? I would be fascinated to see how you go about managing one, from the hiring of photographers, videographers etc.

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