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26 thoughts on “How to build a PC, the last gu…

  1. Such nice production values and yet no one suggested a quick trip to the nail salon before shooting? Not a big expense, boys

  2. Meanwhile I have everything but my cooler so I have to wait a few weeks to be able to even attempt powering this on. 🙁

  3. I buy argb case argb fans and other argb stuff but i buy a motherboard that doesn't have 3 pins 😢😢

  4. This video that you posted on YouTube was a very effective educational video and I thank you and also wish you always success in your work. And also I spent a lot of time with your group, you are a very good group

  5. Just a reminder: for older motherboards or cost-cut motherboards, if you have a CPU with iGPU or onboard graphics solution, even if you have a graphics card there is a good chance that it will default to the motherboard's graphics solution first and you will need to configure the BIOS to use the external graphics for pre-boot display. This has become less common, but is still important to remember.

  6. I miss the good old days when additional GPU power connectors were still a transitional technology, so the manufacturer made sure it would still display SOMETHING, typically a little screen to tell you that there is insufficient power to the GPU. I remember getting one of those on my Radeon HD 6970 when I forgot to fully seat its extra power connectors. Luckily nothing died.

  7. Debating whether I'm trying this next week or if I'm buying a rebuilt. The money and performance says I really should… the reality of having no one in meatspace around to assist if I somehow fail to plug things in right is concerning. Thank you for the INCREDIBLY detailed video which makes me think 'psh yeah, I could do this, if anxiously'.

  8. Help I followed this and only my motherboard is turning on nothing else seems like it’s getting power

  9. For me…honestly…this video is absolutely the most comprehensive and detailed guide for pc building on it every part.
    And of course i watch it from start to finish.
    Greeting from Indonesia 🙋‍♂️🇮🇩

  10. IMO comparing CPU/GPU benchmarks somewhere like userbenchmark is more beneficial than looking at specs listed by manufactures because you get an idea of real world performance and can easily cross examine products.

  11. Good thing that I didn't see much there that I didn't already know……
    Been doing that since…. Well, the 90s.
    My PCs aren't always fancy, but they do work well.
    Right now I'm running the Devil's Canyon i7, with 32GB of ram on a cheap Q87 MB. It wasn't easy to find one that would run this crazy i7!! The Intel 1150 MBs won't work with this thing!! I've tried two!!
    Great video, BTW!! If I ever have any doubts, I'll just come back here.

  12. Another troubleshooting issue is if you're not posting, ASUS may have sent you a motherboard with a bad USB-3.0 header

  13. I use b450 aorus pro wifi with amd ryzen 5 5600g without graphics card sometimes pc turns off automatically never on again I have to press on button cpu usage 100 percent when export cr3 raw images in Lightroom its cpu usage increasing 100 percent then off suddenly I use Chrome for play songs it's turn off again I checked everything but didn't checked smps and ssd but health was 84 percent had health 100% I can't figure out it's so frustrating Would you explain this I'm suffering this issues with 2 months

  14. RGB is the most stupid and unecessary thing that it's a mystery why the market focuses on it so much.

  15. Not a PC builder but a gamer. Iono all the jargon. This is overwhelming…haha. Right now, my PC is not working and looking into fixing or buy new. Building myself feels like I may make costly mistakes which is stressful.

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