How to build a powerful social…

Make your 2022 social media strategy FROM SCRATCH with expert advice from our Senior Manager of Social Media Marketing, Amanda! 🔑 GRAB THE FREE TEMPLATE AND FOLLOW ALONG:

[[[[ Plus, here’s a VERY SPECIAL 60-day Hootsuite trial just for our YouTube friends: ]]]]

Amanda’s first job description was “writing 24 tweets a day,” and now she manages a team (that’s us!) with a combined total of 9 million followers.

Never made a social media strategy before? She’ll walk you through each step of building a social media marketing strategy, so that you know exactly what you’re going to accomplish on social media, and what it’ll mean for your business when you succeed.
0:00 Lightning Round with Amanda!
0:26 Introduction
0:58 Step 1: Set goals (template p. 6-9)
2:08 Step 2: Know your customer (template p. 10-12)
2:45 Step 3: Evaluate the competition (template p. 13-16)
3:41 Step 4: Conduct a social media audit (template p. 17-21)
4:30 Step 5: Get inspired by other brands
5:23 Step 6: Build a content calendar
6:24 Step 7: Create your content and content pillars (template p. 22-25)
7:31 Step 8: Track your progress, and adjust (template p. 26-31)
7:54 BONUS TIP: What to do when your posts are bombing 🙁

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37 thoughts on “How to build a powerful social…

  1. Hi! I've been trying to access the link for the free template but it appears to have a French language on the site when i click it. I am from Philippines. Please help. Thank you!

  2. I found this super helpful, thank you! Once you've created your content pillars/categories how do you know which content to post on which channels? On your video you put X8 a week for entertainment, X2 a week for promo and X2 a week for company culture. How would you decide which of this content to post on which channel if you have Instagram/Facebook/Twitter?

  3. HI ! Thank you for this valuable information! I want to use the Free trial period but your subscription doesn't work . It asks me to fill out my full name, I did it but something went wrong each time with putting my fullname and I don't have any problems with my 2 bank cards.. could you please give me a solution ?

  4. Why is it, that my posts go to explore and have a good engagement but they don't go to the TOP section on hashtags, even for low competition #s, where posts with way less likes are hovering on TOP even some accounts with multiple posts?
    I can't make sense of it.

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