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How To Create A Blog On WordPress With Bluehost 2022
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With the internet age continuing to grow and evolve as time goes on, the appeal attached to blogging will only continue to increase. Not only from a consumer perspective but from writers of all walks of life who hope to have a blog with whatever niche they’re interested in.

Thankfully, blogging has never been easier in today’s society, largely thanks to WordPress. Of course, just like any other subject, it can seem overwhelming and confusing where to begin with WordPress. After all, there are countless options for beginning a WordPress blog.


00:00 Intro
00:54 Choose Your Hosting
02:33 Setup Hosting
06:57 Start WordPress
08:22 Install A Theme
10:05 Plugins Explained
15:10 Create The First Post
24:28 Create Categories
27:19 Blocks Explained
32:10 Create A Menu
37:51 How To Edit Sidebar & Widgets Explained
40:07 More Customization
42:55 Outro

With this in mind, we’re going to discuss the details pertaining to how to create a blog on WordPress with Bluehost 2022 style. Seeing as Bluehost is such a prevalent web hosting option, many of you are more than likely interested in the subject—plus, Bluehost is extremely easy to use as well. Nevertheless, let’s take a look!

Before discussing the details of a Bluehost WordPress blog, some of you might be wondering what WordPress is. For those that don’t know, WordPress is an…


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36 thoughts on “How To Create A Blog On WordPr…

  1. Thank you so much for this video!!! This is my first time doing a blog/web page and I was so lost and frustrated before I found your video!! It was all so helpful! I got it up and running! I'm sure I'll have to rewatch some parts, but this was amazing 😀

  2. Hi Create WP Site!

    Just for laughs here!

    Before I came across your tutorial, I had just been listening to some Youtubers with very grating ways of speaking! They were really fast and their foreign accents made it even harder to understand their content!!

    And then there was you! "Cool Calm & Collected" as we like to say here in England! Thank you so much for a much measured and re-assuring tutorial, that saved my faith in YouTube learning! You have been a great Teacher and I am now a favourite Fan! God Job!

  3. I am a quarter of the way into watching this video and I already feel more confident in building my Blue Host/Wordpress site. Thank you so much for making this simple and easy to comprehend. You are brilliant in describing, in great detail, exactly what needs to be done. I appreciate your time. Looking forward to watch more videos from you.

  4. I'm stuck at the widgets…I'm not seeing a list of widgets that I can just drag to the primary sidebar. I tried searching and dragging to the sidebar but it's not dropping like how you're showing it…I can't figure it out…

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