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In this video, you will learn how to create an appointment booking website, where you can provide booking services to other businesses or service providers like barbers, consultants, lawyers, therapists, etc.

✅ Get Hosting (Namehero):
✅ Get Booknetic Plugin:
✅ Download the Layouts:
✅ Go here to resize your images:
Note: All images used on the demo site are for demo purposes only, please use your own images to avoid copyright claims against you.
✅ Watch Booknetic Client Dashboard tutorial I mentioned in the video

If you like what I do and would like to support the channel, please consider the below affiliate links when purchasing any of the products, plugins, or themes covered in my tutorials. Thank you for your support!

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✅ Siteground:


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18 thoughts on “How To Create A Multi-Vendor A…

  1. Hi Thank you for the video, it's unclear. For customers that's signing up to provide their services, is there a way to allow them to do it all done through the frontend, where they don't have to see the wp-admin area?

  2. I tried the demo version and I can't book an appointment without setting time. Is there a way I can customize a form to schedule an appointment without setting time?

    Thank you!

  3. Thank you, thank you. You have done a great service by making this video. Is there a business listing available that allows customers to search for businesses?

  4. Nice video ! With multiple locations it possible to create a search box on the locations page so that client can input their postcode to bring up the closest locations to them + show the number of miles to the closest location. Can this be done in custom forms?

  5. hi, very informative video, I am trying to prepare a similar module but I am confused, my module consist of three parties,
    1- main company who provide web application to vendors to register their business and customer to visit and book/schedule available service from nearest vendor as per location.
    2- the the vendor who registered their business and collecting booking orders/services to confirm, perform in the provided vendor admin panel.
    3- the customer who visit the main website, chose and book the service of nearest available vendor as per their location.

    so the main company will bear all the application development and bring traffic, & earn commission from vendors when their service is book/sold.

    the vendor have vendor admin panel they look after the booking notification from customer and full filll the booking, earn their service and give commission to company.

    the customer who just visited the website and book the nearest available service and confirm the order with payment or deposit.

    can you please guide me how these three parties can be integrated with the plugins you described, I don't want to spend money on plugins if its not useful as per my requirement

    thanks in advance
    waiting for your answer.

    Subscribed 🙂

  6. Hey! The plugin looks really good but kindly let me know that what is the main difference in regular ans saas version of plugin

  7. Is it possible to allow vendors to sign up for free but charge them a commission fee? My use case is a website that features consultants that schedule online video conferences with SaaS like Zoom

  8. great video bro. don't find your other video where you explain the client's dashboard for booknetic.

  9. Great video… Does it have events in addition to appointments like Amelia or do you know of a multi-vendor (SaaS) plug-in for events?

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