How To Create an Affiliate Mar…

How To Create an Affiliate Mar…
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25 thoughts on “How To Create an Affiliate Mar…

  1. Hi, Quick Question, Is there a reason after I activate a theme and View Site the images do not load? Everything comes out fine when I preview a theme compared to when I activate it. Thanks in advance

  2. Hi, this is a really helpful tutorial on creating an affiliate website using elementor, Thanks for that!

    I have one question I saw many tutorials but this is the really step by step, but all of the tutorials showed templates withwoo commerce and product and carts, and + you showed how to create some thing with blog, so what is better to do affiliate with products + woo commerce plugin or blog?

    I think with a normal blog post you can make your post more SEO friendly than with the product, the page is it right?

    If yes why I need a template with woo commerce and the cart on the top right corner? All my sales redirects to the different websites site right?

    Could you explain this please, hope you understand my question 🤔?

    I just need to create one so I can not make dublecate with the blog and with woo commerce products it is bad for SEO, so what do you recommend?

  3. Dude, What is the point of adding extra Plugins such as pretty links? Amazon already provides short Affiliate links for products and you don't need to go to ur associate page it's on your site stripe.

  4. Thank you dear, it's my first video I watched on this channel, and I managed to create my first pro website it took me one week to edit it, now i will start the hard work .
    by the way can you give us some affliate program like amazon affiliate ?

  5. Did I miss a part, but why not use the SSL certificate if you plan to be selling things? Is it because you are sending them to Amazon that has it's own SSL and your site actually doesn't need any of their payment details? With that wouldn't this still cause your website to rank lower due to lack off the SSL?

    Great video tho!

  6. Great video. I have a question. I would like to know please, if I am not using Amazon Affiliate, but another platform, say CJ for example, how do I add the products? Same niche as above, fashion .

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