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If you ever wanted to create a website for your NFT project then then this video is a must watch. I will show you how you can create website for low effort and for FREE. A NFT website is a must have for a nft project, because it shows that its a professional project. Also its a great way for your followers or people to get a good impression of the NFT collection.

I hope that you enjoyed this video! I would really appreciate a like and a sub and I wish you a nice rest of your day and a successful website creation!

LINK to Pantheon:

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42 thoughts on “How to create an NFT website f…

  1. hwo do you delete all the stuff at the top like the buttons that direct you to the pages because when i preview the website its there but when i go and edit its not there?

  2. Excuse my question.

    I am looking for a template for a minting landing website for NFT.

    Specifically, a template that contains two files: the HTML for the surface of the website and a js file for running the smart contract.

    Since I will creat the contract ourselves, I want a template that allows NFT minting by simply entering the information of contract in the js file (abi.json config.json).

like, contract address contract abi.

    I also want a template that allows us to complete the surface of the website by simply changing the HTML text and images.

    In other words, I want a template that allows me to complete an NFT website as long as I have a contract, images, and text. Do you know of any products like this or any that are distributed for free?

  3. The truth is that I am going to be honest 2 weeks ago I started with my nft project and the nft world I am looking for people who can explain to me from scratch and nobody wants to help me but your videos are very useful to me I love them and I love them keep it up and you have a discord question or some community where I can start learning because I already have my own nft collection but I don't know how to start earning money @Carl Hustle

  4. very informative video! i've a question tho, could you create a indepth video of adding minting to the website including countdown and x free mint for early minters?

  5. ⚠️I was just scammed from someone claiming to be Carl, artist be careful don’t send any money to this guy or people claiming to be him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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