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How To Create Animated Videos For YouTube Using ‘Text to Video’ AI Tools

YouTube Masterclass –

0:00 Intro
2:03 How to win YouTube Masterclass
2:41 Last weeks winner
3:37 What is Steve AI
4:45 Writing a video script with Rytr
11:10 Steve AI settings
12:38 Copy & paste the script
14:00 Adding voice overs, music & auto hightlights
16:49 Choosing a video theme
17:16 Rendering the video
17:37 Preview the video
18:34 Changing the characters & actions
20:15 Downloading the video
22:46 Adding a voice over & music with Clipchamp
28:42 Conclusion

Steve AI –

Rytr –
Rytr tutorial:

Clipchamp –

Free tools to help you grow on YouTube:
Dreamcloud Studio –

More Tutorials
Resemble tutorial –
Clipchamp tutorial –
Well Said tutorial -…

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21 thoughts on “How To Create Animated Videos …

  1. WoOoa…!😮

    This seems to work perfectly in a more serious area that focus on education or business or publicity and needs to put ideas and topics in clear and simple terms so it reaches the public in a way that said public actually get the message.

    But, What about people who wants to make less serious or practical stuff like anime style fights, dance or performance scenes or funny cartoon stuff…?🤔

    So, I wanna to suggest if maybe you can make a video of tools, (In case it exist), that can assist or help people to make that kind of works too.😏


  2. pls I want to start a new channel about (wise quotes) for historical characters
    can I rewrite these historical quotes to avoid copyrights and Frequent content
    or I can use it and no no problem?
    I need your advice please necessarily before starting because I saw a lot of channels making that
    like (quotes) channel and others
    Thanks a lot

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