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We have several videos about price update sites on Rehub theme and Content Egg, but we don’t stop improving theme and plugins, so, here is more actual video with some new blocks.

We also added information how to customize design, setup for basic settings of woocommerce and theme, multicurrency option explanation, CSV import module, how to setup youtube and image modules and many other

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Timecodes of video

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – wordpress and woocommerce settings
03:00 – theme settings
06:05 – Content Egg free or PRO
06:50 – Content Egg settings
07:25 – How Content egg works
08:18 – Product layouts for Content Egg
10:05 – Price History
10:22 – Global and local Product layouts
10:56 – Customization of Layouts
12:35 – Feed module
15:20 – How to use Autoblog
17:38 – Fill module
18:40 – Viglink and Offer modules
19:55 – Content Egg PRO
20:30 – Content modules, Youtube, Google image
26:15 – How to make custom tab
30:00 – Affiliate Egg
30:35 – Widgets of content egg
31:05 – Multicurrency
32:07 – Archive page settings
37:00 – Making review posts for SEO
45:20 – Using Content Egg in posts
46:45 – Content Egg in Elementor


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25 thoughts on “How to create Price Comparison…

  1. I don’t know if this comment will get an answer since you posted the video almost a year ago but I can’t seem to find a clear answer anywhere else. So here I go:

    Is there a way to create a comparison website using Rehub that asks the person to choose their country (either on the top in small or as a pop up as soon as they arrive on the site), to offer different offers depending on the country they live in ? For example, some suppliers only ship in the US while others worldwide. Allowing them to select their country would allow the website to only show them what they can order in their country (so they wouldn’t see deals/products that they can’t order).

    Also big props for the quality of your videos, super well done and comfortable to watch !

  2. While adding a product, the Content Egg Pro section is not there. Can someone please help I have my submission due day after.

  3. Great Tutorial! Thx alot for this!
    As i am not a professional in WordPress (tbh in no kind of coding) i struggle with my comparison site. My site compares prices of gamekeys in different webshops, and i don't know how to manage it if a webshop just give me one simple affiliate-link instead of a csv or xml. So i am not able to connect the imported game to each keyshop. What is my fault? Thx in advance for a hint, guys!!!

  4. Very hard to follow along. Some steps you do on the screen but do not mention. Thanks for your effort though.

  5. Hi I am use rehub theme but when I put custom html table like ( <table>
    <th colspan="2">BASIC INFO</th>
    <td>Xiaomi Poco X6 Pro</td>
    <td>LAUNCH DATE</td>
    <td>2023, January</td>
    <td>Rs 29,999</td>
    </table>) this but not working
    Please help me

  6. Does we need to create a custom parser even if that merchant is present inside viglinks/sovrn… I have to fetch some products from a website. But I don't know whether the plugin will be able to do it.. Can you provide me the mail..

  7. Hi again sir,

    Please, sorry about my english,

    I have a question:

    is it possible to make a frontend search where the user can select the module to search?

    eg. in the search bar, the users can open a drop down list with amazon, ebay, walmart icons and select the module to search?

    Thanks again!

  8. hi dear
    i have a question , i live in sweden and have made a page for affiliate taken from amazon sweden specialized in clothes and i have a problem if i take a product from amazon sweden, where should i put the product in word press post or in word press products?. thanks for your help

  9. It would be very nice if videos (not just documentation) were done specifically for each demo…..from start to finish on each detail in each demo (only what is in that demo).

    I like aspects of both the "Reviewit" and "Recart" demos, but where do I start with adding or subtracting certain features?? If there were videos that detailed how to customize EACH feature of EVERY individual demo, it would really help those of us that are beginners.

    I like all the features that Rehub has to offer, but I'm looking at choosing another theme (which has much less to offer) mainly for the simplicity in setup.

  10. I watch your videos on my my iPad mini 4 which has pretty good resolution but I can’t read the texts in your videos eg the text in the WP admin area. Does anyone know why or has the same problem? In what resolution do you record your videos?

  11. A very useful addition for the content egg product layouts would be to add/change the list of prices in price tab to include the merchant info in the latest content egg update as seen in this shortcode: [content-egg-block template=offers_logo_groups]. For many of my affiliates I have exclusive coupon codes for those sites and being able to add a click to copy code globally perhaps under the "Buy Now" buttons would be extremely useful and convenient for site users. Rather than having separate tab for coupons. I see this function on many price comparison sites nowadays. I plan on having my developer make customizations to achieve this in the future. Just thought it would be a very worthwhile addition without it being too much work on you guys.

    Other than that this is bar none the best way to make price comparison sites on WordPress 🙂 You guys rock! God bless!

  12. Bought your theme yesterday at 00:10 am IST…
    After 12 hours the price is $35…
    This is hurting me very much…

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