How To Create YouTube Videos From Text Using AI (Text to Video)

YouTube Masterclass –

0:00 Intro
2:53 How to win YouTube Masterclass
3:31 Last weeks winner
4:22 What is Fliki?
5:03 Writing a video script
10:31 Creating a voice over
16:11 Adding stock footage
19:04 Exporting the video
21:58 Final Video
23:41 Conclusion

Fliki –
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Fliki credits system:

Soundraw –
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Well said labs tutorial –
Rytr tutorial –

Rytr –
Climpchamp –
Stock videos –
Rev –

AI writing tool (Great to write video scripts):
Rytr –
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44 thoughts on “How To Create YouTube Videos F…

  1. Hey Shan,

    Co-Founder of Fliki here,
    Thank you so much for demonstrating Fliki to the amazing users of this channel really appreciate it.
    Also note Fliki has a built-in stock library to add videos and photos, when you click on upload there is a "Stock Library" tab. Which has a search feature.
    I think you missed this out, we will make it a little more prominent in our next release.

    Thanks again 🙏🏼
    Sabir Ahmed

  2. Hello Mr Shan, I'm happy to have come across your YT channel, quite a blessing you've been. But my question is, can I post the short videos I make on this platform to YouTube or any other Social media while using the free plan?

  3. For the past 10 months you have been showing tutorial on how to use AI voice over to make it simple for youtuber, but not thinking about the downside for actual real business who use AI to run. Software creators have audience and tutorial already in place, stop using your channel to expose these to general public, instead show tutorial tu business owner. You are spoiling their target and most importantly, you are making (mankind lazy) to do thing the proper way…Just only to gain audience, find another niche STOP exposure on AI usage….

  4. Absolutely not helpful. I could not even create a short video as I could not use more than 499 words. What can we create in 499 words?
    We cant even experience this properly before we decide to invest. Much better options are available.

  5. Love your channel, learning a lot. Just wanted to let you know that I signed up for Soundraw through your link. When checking out, I tried to use your coupon code in the description but when I clicked apply, nothing happened. Maybe you should check with them to make sure you get credit for the monthly subscription. Thanks!

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