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45 thoughts on “How to Decorate Your Shopping …

  1. I wish when we visited creators islands that we were able to leave a message about how much we enjoyed it

  2. GUYS! I NEED AN ANSWER!!! Can you do me a favour, please? I need you to fast forward to 8:34 and give me the custom path code. You know, the one that’s blue and white. If you don’t know than please promote this comment. I MUST KNOW!!!🥺😬🤞

  3. I always get such shame for my pitiful island watching these videos. Hopefully I can turn that shame into motivation to beautify my island up.

    My favorite flowers would have to be either blue windflowers, or pink tulips.

  4. Ahhh I also like blue hyacinths lately! Loved this vid Lex, it definitely inspired me to continue working on my island 😭❤️

  5. My favourite flower in game is Hyacinths can be literally any colour there so pretty. I've just restated my island and doing a kid ore city theme its so fun

  6. I think Peach’s goodbyes may be my favorite part of your videos 😅. My favorite flower is either purple roses or white pansies.

  7. I love decorating around nooks. I like expanding a shipping and convenience shopping area. Hi Peaches! Thanks for saying hello. You always make me smile.

  8. i love the 15 ideas series and would love to see one about how to incorporate resident representatives homes into builds. i only have me on my island but i can never seem to find a way to incorporate it that i think feels natural and purposeful

  9. Orange lilies are my favorites!
    I really loved the violets from previous Animal Crossing games too

  10. I love these shopping districts!!! All the creators did an amazing job!! Ty for the vid ❤️

  11. How do you get the little Nook Cranny Sacsks you can place on tables. I did it once and forgot. Anyone? I’m sure it’s the easiest thing to do.

  12. My island is in the video !!! So happy, thanks so much Lex, you have been such an inspiration for me rebuilding my island !!

  13. I needed this video so much O: I've been decorating my island and literally have been stumped for days on how i want to decorate my shopping district im working on. Its like you read my mind haha, thanks so much for the video!

  14. I’m completely redoing my island right now so this was the perfect timing! I think my favourite flowers in the game are the tulips they’re just so cute, especially the purple ones 💜

  15. My favorite flower in the game would have to be the purple hyacinths. Made a whole island dedicated for it called Lilac Dust

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