How to Easily Create a Multi-L…

How to Easily Create a Multi-L…
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25 thoughts on “How to Easily Create a Multi-L…

  1. Hey
    For the 2nd method if you have a website in arabic where the text and content is positioned to the right .
    So the problem when you use weglot to translate to english you should position the text to the right which cannot be done so any ideas on how to solve this problem. Thanks

  2. Fin Sweet is F'n sweet! They've saved me on my website projects. They're rightfully carver themselves in the Webflow space as being one of the leaders. Many thanks to Ran Segal in running Flux. I've invested in both of his programs and has been tremendous with helping me learn how to use Webflow!

  3. Hi! Im a bit confused with the billing part. If I use a multiple plugins (for example weglot and elfsight) how do I manage? I feel like it's getting pricey for the client. I hope Im clear enough.

  4. How can you control what version of the website is loaded if you choose method 1? Is there any way to load the correct language based on the users browser settings?

  5. I have a question, I have tried to do what you explain at the beginning of the video, but; when I create the folder "English" and moving the duplicate pages, I get this message: "Moving this item will update its URL and cause the old URL to return a 404 page unless you set up a 301 redirect in your project settings". And honestly, I don't know what it means. I'm afraid of losing information or strange things happening.

    And on the other hand, where do you recommend putting the detail/bottom of the change language, at the top of the navigation bar, or in the footer.

    Thanks for your time!

    *I made my portfolio in Spanish, and I would like to have it in English too.

  6. How do you show relevant CMS Collection Page fields depending on selected Language? I can only do conditional visibility with "options" from the CMS field themselves.

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