How to Install/Setup Magento 2…

Setup and Install Magento 2 server on Ubuntu 20.04. Magento open source software delivers eCommerce store capabilities that allow you to build a unique online store from the ground up running on GCP Google Cloud. Create a scalable Magento2 store on Ubuntu 20.04 in the cloud with this solution.

This video will show how you can setup Magento 2 on Ubuntu on GCP
Enjoy the Video.

00:00 Intro Magneto 2 Server
00:20 Create Magento Virtual Machine on Ubuntu in GCP
00:41 Accessing SSH Terminal For VM Instance
01:04 Configure MySQL Database for Magento
01:57 Getting Magento Access Keys
02:27 Configure Apache2 Virtual Host
03:21 Configure Php.ini File
04:58 Download & Install Magento into Apache vhost directory
06:03 Start & re-enable elastic search
06:27 Configure & Installation of Magento
07:38 Setup Cron Jobs for Magento
07:50 Accessing VM Through Public IP
08:38 Disable Two-Factor Authorization
09:03 Outro

🔗 Magento 2 Server Open Source on Ubuntu Server 20.04 GCP listing:

🔗 How to Setup Magento Server on GCP Blog Post:

🔗 Link for Creating Magento Account for Access Keys:

This Magento Server comes pre-installed with Apache Web Server, MySQL Server, all the required PHP modules and ElasticSearch in order…


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