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In this video you’ll learn how to install Tailwind CSS via NPM. Before you could install it, you do need to have Node.JS installed. I won’t be doing that in this video since it’s very easy to do – Learn one of the most popular utility CSS frameworks named Tailwind for its simplicity and flexibility.

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Table of content
00:00 – Introduction
01:21 – How to setup our project
03:29 – Setting up TailwindCSS
06:09 – Tailwind Directives
07:21 – Reprocess style.css file

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28 thoughts on “How To Install Tailwind CSS | …

  1. Complete waste of time. I guess this YT "teacher" has achieved his goal by getting the complete beginners to waste their time and by doing so bumping up his YT rating/revenue. Stay away from YT!

  2. Having an issue with this. When coding an index.html and adding tailwind classes, can't see the css classes being recognized in Live Server, unless I run (every time I add a new class) 'npm run build-css'. It's like the generated css only contains the added classes in the html file. So it's frustrating that I have to run that line every time I add a new class in the html. Is that how it's supposed to work, or I'm doing something wrong :/

  3. clean and simple explanation easy to understand, glade to find your channel. keep going wish you the best…thumbs up

  4. Hello I have some problem with Tailwind. Running tailwindcss without -i, please provide an input file. – maybee someone know what i need to do with this error?

  5. Cool video. In my case, all the process goes well but then when I try to use some Tailwindcss class they don't load ):

  6. It didn't work for me.
    First it said "[deprecation] Running tailwindcss without -i, please provide an input file." provided an input file (-i style.css) and I just got 420 Lines of CSS (it should be around 300000)
    this is pretty annoying. Can you help?

  7. peerfect, I just can say this was the only tutorial that solved my problem installing tailwind, keep going

  8. I noticed your directives had the yellow underlines showing a warning of some sorts, I had something quite similar in my own too with an error message of "Unknown at rule @tailwind". I would love to know how you corrected yours, thank you.

  9. This tutorial solved my inability to get tailwind to work with Electron. Their documentation doesn't state to pre-build the style.css before using it. Though i'm new to JS programming so that might just be common knowledge.

  10. When i download tailwind, i dont get package json.. only lock json.. what i must to do ? Write manualy or ?

  11. Your videos are amazing! You are a very good teacher and I'm learning a lot, thank you so much!!

  12. I hope i can see more of this, and please add a playlist for this tailwind tutorial. thanks sir Dary.

  13. Thank you so much for your tutorials. Is it possible to give some beginner tips in how to get started and what a beginner will face? I have been programming for some time and really feel like a idiot and feel like i aint good enough or too stupid. Is this normal or am i alone in this?

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