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Learn how to create a directory website with WordPress step by step! With a directory website, you can allow business’s to come to your website, register their business, and than they can allow others to leave a review about your business.

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High Ranking Blog Post:
Google Adsense:
Elementor Tutorial:

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Intro 00:00
Web Hosting 03:45
Hosting Dashboard 07:37
Install WordPress 09:21
Install WordPress Theme 13:50
Import Demo Content 17:09
How To Design Website 20:40


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37 thoughts on “How To Make A Directory Listin…

  1. Hey Everyone! Thanks for watching! I put together this tutorial on how to make a directory website and im sure it will help you create your directory website with wordpress. Make sure to like the video and let me know if you any questions in the comments below!

  2. Can I use this theme for a hospital directory website – you can also recommend one that would suit this purpose (make sure to add your aff link) 🙂

  3. RE; The slider options. I only have 4 categories for the bottom horizontal list, but I would imagine it would be a slider if you added more categories than can fit on the page at a time. Just a guess

  4. Hey there Darrel – many thanks for this great tutorial ! Yes you are so right it is work and it takes lots of energy to bring together great content like this – you always do it with so much enthusiasm !

  5. It looks like you’re currently locked out of your account. You’ll need to contact our support team to unlock it.

  6. Your tutorial is very informative and thank you very much for that, but the plugin itself is a jumble of bugs. Error messages started as soon as the plugin was installed. Support fixed it but didn't tell me what the problem was. After a while, the errors started again until it finally turned into a critical error. Translating a plugin is also a challenge, all in one place. I was lucky to get my money back. Now I have to look for a better solution than this. Anyway, thank you for what you do. All your tutorials are very detailed

  7. I'm unable to see the signup option in my theme, can someone please help me with it? As sign-in option is there but only signup is not showing I also change the options of sign-in to design2 but still the same.

  8. Hi Darrel, great video as always. I was wondering if there is a way to have this directory listing website accept payments directly to let’s say an event you have listed? So the costumer can browse services, the. book and pay for a service they want. For example, an Arabic beginners 3 week class that they want to complete the payment for immediately.

  9. How do i get a User Registration Form on the listing pro theme? and thank you so much for making this video

  10. Hey Thanks So Much For This, took me like a week to get through it, adding as I go, Great Content, a huge help. This was the second template I used, great choice.

  11. Darrel, thanks for the awesome in-depth tutorial video! When installing WordPress, does it matter which version we use? Do you specifically recommend version 5.8.1? Or should I always use the most current one (5.9.3)? Thanks!

  12. HUGE props to Darrel for making this. I went through the entire video from start to finish and was able to set up my new site! Thank you so much for your help!

  13. Good and very comprehensive tutorial – Thank You! Only question that I had at the end was whether to set the New Default User Role to Subscriber or Contributor in Settings > General.

  14. Hi, thanks for putting together the video! I haven't gone all the way through it yet but I have a quick question; is there a way to remove the ListingPro logo at the top of each page? Thanks in advance.

  15. @Darrel 75K Views in less than 65 days. Not bad!!! BTW it's ListingProWP 5th anniversary and it's available for 50% off for rest of the month. Enjoy!

  16. As an expernced builder 👷‍♀️ 🙄 🤣 in this space, – I actually struggled quite a bit – and stumbled along with your stuff – problem is – lol 😆 I knew it all – so I discounted the video – actually listened to it while I was working thru some things- and then the can opened – you were digging in- yeah man – the elements or the elementor tips 😉 dude genius – you definitely an tell you been using this for awhile – wow had to slow ya down rewind a few time as my wi fi wasn't quite as quick – but I must say so far I'm well on my way to the dream I set up over 9 months ago! 😉 thanks and I'll continue to watch – I appreciate you and the time you've invested here to help us get thru the important stuff and still make it ours! 👍 nice work my man

  17. in the ad campaign section for the vendors isn’t working, it get directed to a FORBIDDEN page… need help….?

  18. Thank you for this video – it is amazing! I have no previous experience in building a website and you helped me get up and running, very clear and concise.

  19. Darrel, pls am trying to build an essay website, where clients can buy different essay packages by choosing the one the want, like term paper, business plan, projects essay etc. Do you know of any plugin or theme I can use. Thank you.

  20. Thanks for the video. I purchased ListingPro and the activation process will not work. Even though I have a working SSL I installed the Really Simple SSL as advised and then had access to the green button. On pressing this button the screen goes blank. The support people are asking me for my WordPress and FTP username & password which I have refused to give them for security reasons. I have asked for a refund which the support person told me I am unlikely to receive under those circumstances. I have never had any issues with any other plugin (including free directory option) and I have never been asked for my login details before) Do you have any comments?

  21. What do I do if the backend is filled, but when I go to view the page, the site is coming up empty with nothing but a heading.?
    Both my 'My accounts page' and the 'Dashboard' Are coming up missing, after the backend is flled. And i dontknow where to find the 'my account.' Totally currupted

  22. Really would have wished you showed how many glitches and missing content files come with this site, as soon as you look away something is wrong and a file is corrupted and a code needs to be fixed. Terrible.

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