How To Make A PREMIUM Small Bu…

Today I walk you through how to create a PREMIUM website for your small business with the powerful and user-friendly Divi theme.

WordPress powers over 1/3 of the internet, making it the most popular website building platforms on the planet. However, WordPress can be quite complex and difficult to navigate especially for beginners.

This is where the Divi theme comes in. The Divi theme offers a visual builder experience, meaning complete beginners can learn how to design and build their own website on the front-end of the website. Rather than trying to navigate the intimidating back-end.

WordPress plus the Divi theme gives individuals with limited experience in design and website building the opportunity to choose from over 1000 professionally made website layouts. This gives beginners a place to start rather than trying to build a website from scratch.

Check out the full written tutorial over on our website here:

► Get started with your Hostpapa web hosting here:

Divi Theme:
► Get started with the Divi Theme here:

Canva (free design tool for beginners):
► Create website content (Logos, Images, Videos etc) with Canva here:

*(The above links are affiliate links, which means we will get a commission if you upgrade…


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7 thoughts on “How To Make A PREMIUM Small Bu…

  1. I just saw your tutorial. Well done and easy to follow. However, I didn't see an explanation how to get rid of the default footer (archives, meta). Or will the default footer simply be replaced by the footer you built, and no more actions are required to get rid of the default footer? Greetings from the Netherlands 🙂

  2. I NEED to make an 18 or older button on the start of the website but not make it a home page, can you teach me how to make words into a link at the start so they have to check a box to agree to access the main page?

  3. Hey Stewart, thanks for the tutorial. I have a question regarding your selected "Starter" hosting plan with Hostpapa. I can see that this plan only allows up to 2 website pages and with your tutorial you have created multiple pages. My question is how do you then get hosting of this website design through the Hostpapa starter plan?

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