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24 thoughts on “How To Make An Affiliate Marke…

  1. wow !! it's a very huge content, I like it, it's very well explained, thank you a lot for that, this video must be seen lot of times, it's full of great secrets….. Thank you again for this Great content….

  2. Hi Mike,
    Thank You for the video, quick question what happens if you already have a pre-existing website with GoDaddy That you use for beauty services. But you’re trying to incorporate a Affiliate blog Section to promote. Is it possible to do the same with a GoDaddy website is that still a good website to have a blog on?

  3. Thanks Mike I’m new to your channel and really enjoyed your honest approach plus you didn’t try n sell some online course …Not sure how you got the $7850 number as your well aware it’s tough to make anything a month when starting out but you point out be consistent -great advice ….cause blogging can take years to build out to that level . Thx

  4. Hey Mike! Any recommendations on free ways to create legitimate and comprehensive privacy policies, disclaimers, terms of use, terms of service, etc.? This step has been hindering me from finalizing my blog and starting to write articles. I don't want to get sued for trying to collect emails or having my website incomplete.

  5. Mike, thank you. I always watch your videos. You have ethics and honesty. Your videos are different than any others on YouTube, that's why I always watch yours. You don't have any hype or questionable methods. That's what sets you apart from others.

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