How to Make School Management …

How to Make School Management System Website with WordPress & Education & Learning Management system Software Plugin. Features Include Attendance, Results, Timetable, Notifications, Online Fees etc. 2022
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00:00 Introduction & Demo Website Tour
10:15 Best & Fastest Hosting
19:13 Installing WordPress
27:57 Basic WordPress Settings
33:35 Installing Theme & Plugins
42:23 Add School
45:24 Add School Classes
46:16 Assign Section to Class
48:47 Add Teachers & Assign Classes
55:55 School Fee Structure
57:55 Add Students
01:03:56 Student Fee Invoices
01:05:04 Add Accountant & Librarian
01:11:43 Add Subjects & Timetable
01:15:54 Creating Important Pages
01:19:58 Teacher Signup Process
01:28:23 Zoom JWT API Keys
01:40:42 School Management Settings
01:44:34 Payment Gateway Integration
01:47:18 Creating Home Page
01:52:39 Import…


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30 thoughts on “How to Make School Management …

  1. "Undefined variable $student in D:xampphtdocswp4wp-contentpluginsschool-management-proincludespartialsnoticeboard.php on line 12"—Sir I am getting this error on notice page please help

  2. Undoubtedly its amazing! But roles are not reflected perfectly in my side! For all users showing the same role! could you please tell me something? I purchased the plugin from an Indian site with a cheaper price! is it the reason?

  3. Assalam o alaikum @nayyar shaikh bhai i can not see the classes in the dropdown menu whenever i try to assign classes to school. same goes for subjects and any other objects that has a dropdown menu item to choose from. Can you please help me out in that

  4. @nayyar shaikh Wonderful work done.

    However i noticed that the plugin 'School Management' only accepts exams to calculate the student's grades, it does not give room for teachers to enter the students continuous assessment . for example class exercises and test, home work , etc. Please can the developers create columns for class exercises and test, home work , etc. or allow teachers to add extra columns in the exam results file? it will do me good in my country, Nigeria. thanks. God bless you in your good works

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