How To Migrate Your WordPress …

Learn how to migrate your WordPress website for free using an older version of all-in-one wp migration. Even if your website is 12GB!!! In this tutorial, I show you how I migrate a 12GB website with a few clicks on a button. The end result is that I have an exact clone of my current website. The migration is simple, free, and legal.

00:00 Intro
00:22 Export Your WordPress Website Using All-In-One WP Migration
02:57 GPL V3 License
03:46 Download All In One WP Migration
04:39 Import Your (Big) WordPress Website


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47 thoughts on “How To Migrate Your WordPress …

  1. Hi friend, thanks for mentioning me! I’m happy you liked my video and custom adjustments and I hope your viewers also can appreciate it! Have a awesome day and I see you soon!

  2. Hi Ferdy, Great tutorial! I've a question. Do we need to delete the previous website data after we migrate to the new domain? And if yes, how do we do that? I'm afraid that Google will consider my new domain content as copyrighted content?

  3. I spent +4 hours trying to migrate a website before finding this video. Like some of the other comments mentioned, it only took ~10 minutes following the steps in the video!

  4. Hello Ferdy,, What might the cause of having issue not downloading the whole files completely, resulting on corrupted wp files. I got only 326 mb and it's not finished downloaded.

  5. Wow, this saved so much time and headaches for me! I was really concerned as I realized I cannot migrate my backups anymore. This fix worked out perfectly! Thank you very, very much!

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