How to Paint a Whimsical Water…

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34 thoughts on “How to Paint a Whimsical Water…

  1. It sounds like we are having the same day!… I was due at the dentist this morning( but only a 1/2 hour drive)… but my morning flew by, with my fluttering about, and then my truck, would not start, (after already waiting until the last minute!)…needless to say
    the receptionist was not impressed, by me having to call and cancel at the last minute😳😬..
    … May your dentist appt go so ever much better!👍…
    …I was only going for a cleaning,
    So, it was not too inconvenient time wise for them( only takes about 30 minutes for the procedure)…
    …hopefully next time, I check my truck out day before, and set alarm to leave, in order to get there extra early, (book in hand!👍💪🏻💕)…
    …I just never drive anymore, and never thought to check gas tank ?!?!… (with the price of gas these days, I guess I put off driving and filling the tank, just too long!)…plus, it took awhile for my brain to register, to @look at the gas gage, you goof.. you have checked everything else”!🙄🥴…
    …Of course it just had to start pouring down rain mid-point, while the hood was up, and me having my head stuck in it outside, while being outside as well.
    … Having a husband that passed years ago, I can get along ok,living alone, and have come to enjoy and thrive at it,most days but… some days at almost 70,
    .. Missing my hubs, for his companionship and even his,
    … “Honey… I gassed up the truck and if I drive, we can stop and have dinner out on the way home for a treat”!…(Even back then I was not keen on driving… what a sweetheart, he was ❤️)
    …But, I just love you and your channel!… my morning has just been brightened greatly, due to this video👍💕
    ..Was feeling a bit low and stupid about myself until your video popped up!…. Thank you and bless you greatly!!…
    …P.S. is your daughter or anyone with a camera,going with you?… …I would love a peek at what England streets etc. looks like, on a regular day..🧐👍🥰

  2. I’m totally charmed! Good luck on your trip to the dentist! Eeeeek….take care of yourself, though. You matter and I think you are marvelous! I would love to sit in your studio with a cup of coffee and just chat😊 The sound of your roosters crowing in the background is so much fun. I always look forward to your videos. I learn so much and it is so peaceful!

  3. Diane, this is such a sweet painting! I love the colors you selected. Good luck at your dentist appointment and happy, safe travels. Don't push yourself too hard trying to get videos out, I'm sure most all would agree, health first. Take good care. xo

  4. This is so cute! No, I have not thought about painting a wheel barrow before but now I have ! Thanks for the womderful tutorial, procrastinating is okay LoL.. I do that a lot.. I hope your dental visit goes well.

  5. Love this tutorial Diane . Love your subjects you choose. Can I ask you a question , I want to adhere a watercolour painting which has been painted on watercolour paper to another piece of watercolour paper and then I am going to frame it . What adhesive would you recommend as I’m frightened I am going to ruin the painting . Thank you .

  6. So lovely Diane, am looking forward to painting this, too. Such fun. I’m a great procrastinator, as well. However you make absolutely wonderful videos and I do appreciate all of them. Good luck, hopefully you will not be in the dental chair for that many days. Do enjoy those early Spring flowers in Britain, so lovely. Thank you for being you and encouraging all of us. 🥰💓

  7. Oh Diane, thank you for this sweet little spring wheelbarrow! I’m excited! I will get to try out my new mop brush and just getting started with my Drawell brushes. My granddaughter (5) was painting today and said “this is Diane’s favorite color!” I had to step back and look, quinacridone gold! Of course. She loves watching and listening to you as well. Thank you for all your advice and encouragement….

  8. Love it !! And amazingly I have an event coming up — a small neighborhood thing — and what have I been doing ??? Yes , procrastinating ! Just like you said – I have cleaned the house — made soup — found things to donate – etc. !
    Enjoy your time away if you can — it will be a break at any rate. Thank you for your time and help and effort — and company !

  9. Hi Diane, I really enjoyed this one.
    Will you be doing any painting on your trip? If so, will you record it? Plein air videos would be good.
    Safe travels, even if it is for a 'yucky' reason.

  10. We all have different triggers & we all drag our feet over what overwhelms us. Speaking for myself only…I haven't seen all your videos so you could probably re-upload a few with none being the wiser ( ok, maybe some would notice). And the worst part is, it's a trip to the DENTIST 😫😓. Good luck (w/ both!)🍀🥀🌿

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