How to remove recycle bin from…

Modern SharePoint team sites have your Recycle bin on their navigation menus automatically. If you wish to remove it, there is a method that uses a site collection feature called SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure. Before you proceed, however, please read the following links to learn more about the impacts of this feature.

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4 thoughts on “How to remove recycle bin from…

  1. Certainly seems simple enough to do, but when i click on 'Activate' I get set to a SharePoint Error site that states, "Sorry, something went wrong. An unexpected error has occurred."

  2. Nie obsługę urządzeń Mobile mobilnym system operacyjnym Windows w Extra User Azure Office DEVOPS Administrator jako Firma, Przedsiębiorstwo i Organizacja. Problem polega na ograniczeniu z udostępnianiem QR Code dla urządzeń tylko z funkcją PAID.

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