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In this video, we will learn how to upload wordpress theme zip file. This video will also cover how to install themeforest theme. Sometimes, you may want to use premium theme for your website. You can buy premium themes from websites such as Themeforest, templatemonster, envato, etc.
When you buy theme from these sites, they will give you theme zip file to download. The main package zip file will come along with documentation, licence and theme zip and child theme file. You will need to upload theme zip file to wordpress website.

Let me give you steps here:
– Download the main theme file from the themeforest or other theme selling sites.
– This main zip file will contain all the documentation and theme files.
– unzip the main downloaded theme zip file.
– look for the main theme zip file along with child theme.
– Login to your wordpress website dashboard.
– Go to Appearance. Then go to Themes,
– Click Add New button and then click on Upload theme.
– Browse the main theme zip file and click upload.
– Once the theme is installed, activate it.
– Many premium themes will ask you to install required plugins.
– Click on install required plugins.
– Activate the plugins.
– Now, you will see the option to import demo content.
– Import demo content.
– Your wordpress website is ready with the demo content.
– Edit the website and change the logo, images and content according to your website requirements.

I hope this video will help you understand how to upload wordpress theme zip…


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30 thoughts on “How to upload WordPress theme …

  1. I'm Download theme from Themeforest(using Cookie Editor) , Then I try to upload the Zip file to WordPress. It's always Failed. Anyway I extract the zip file , But I can’t see another Zip file in the main folder I have only , Template , Read me TXT and Doc. Can you tell me how to solve that ?

  2. Each time I try to upload the theme, a 404/403 error comes up. I tried everything to solve this, but still can't upload a zip file theme. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

  3. Hi, Thank you so much for this video. I tried importing my own demo theme I bought from Envato but the demo import never seems to be completed at all. it stops at 40%. Please any help on what may be missing? or maybe tips on how to install my server resources

  4. Thank you….most videos and even themeforest does not show you how to install this completely…step one and that is it….great video and I am more than happy to subscribe

  5. Can i download paid theme from envator and use it in local host and after that use FTP and upload and use it? it ask to activate in local host with license code . if its available to use that in after hosting in siteground?

  6. Amazing video thank you so much i was really stack after purchasing my theme template, i also purchased a buddypress community wordpress woocomerce make a video on how to work around such please

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