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Learn how to make a wordpress website using the Avada theme! Demo website:

Avada Theme:

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This is a full beginner tutorial showing you how to use the avada theme to create your own website using wordpress. We walk you through every step so all you have to do is follow along and do what we do and you will learn how to make a wordpress website. The cool thing about this video tutorial and the avada theme is that you can choose any template you want and still be able to customize your website. Check it out and let me know what you think.

0:00 Introduction
2:35 Step 1: Hosting and Domain
7:16 Step 2: Install WordPress
9:39 Step 3: Avada theme
13:01 Step 4: Plugins
15:13 Step 5: WordPress plugins
16:35 Step 6: Avada theme settings
19:34 Step 7: Avada templates
22:26 Step 8: Avada Page builder
27:26 Step 9: Customize Website
27:32 Step 10: Add New Section
32:21 Step 11: Edit Container
38:13 Step 12: Edit Images
39:32 Step 13: Responsiveness
41:55 Step 14: Test Modules
44:51 Step 15: Separators
48:19 Step 16: Counter Modules
53:54 Step 17: Portfolio Modules
59:18 Step 18: Button Modules
1:00:56 Step 19: Testimonial Modules
1:03:19 Step 20: Spacing
1:05:19 Step 21: Blog Module
1:08:19 Step 22: Contact Form
1:16:16 Step 23: Header and Footer
1:25:03 Congratulations

I hope you learn a lot in this…


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20 thoughts on “How to Use Avada Theme Tutoria…

  1. Hi this is good presentation, one question, how do you install a plugin that can prevent spams in the form email, things like captcha

  2. Hello brother i have theme key but dont have access to account can you please send me official file avada them that i am not able to download.

  3. Pls Jameson, thanks for the tutorial. how do I restore the page builder elements that was mistakenly deleted?

  4. How can I export an entire site done on Avada theme and import it into new site? Is there any avada exporting plugin, I want to make some changes in the new site.

  5. I followed you and made a great website. I cannot get it off 'coming soon active' in WordPress!!! How do I launch the website? Is there a video?

  6. Hey bro,

    Thanks for the AWESOME tutorial on making a Woocomerce website with flatsome theme (old video), massively helpful content. In the tutorial we made the contact forms and newsletter forms, but then you didn’t show us how to edit them further and set them up with proper plugins etc. Please can you advise and help with this?


  7. Outdated. He lied and said that he made this in 2021 He made this years ago and everything is now different.

  8. Bro I am a blogger now my blog transfer to wordpress but my Blog post I have 140 post some of the post ranked in Google but when I transferred blog to WordPress my google ranking post not open

  9. Hi Jameson, thanks for this, love your tutorials. I was wondering if you'd consider making a video for a website using bimber theme? It'd be so cool to see for a news style/ blog site. Best wishes!

  10. Hi Jameson, Hope this finds you healthy and happy 😃. BTW, just received an aThemes newsletter. Please continue your efforts for your community.

  11. Hi Jameson, Hope this finds you well and happy 😃. Have you deserted Sydney (just received an aThemes newsletter)?

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