How to Use TikTok Marketing to…

TikTok marketing will boost traffic and create unique engagement with your brand. No matter what size your business is, this video will help get you started.

In the world of TikTok, genuine content reigns supreme. Unlike other social media platforms, users often favor raw and engaging videos over highly edited and curated posts. This stark difference in content is what makes TikTok special, and gives creators a connection to their audience that would be hard to find anywhere else.

The For You page is loaded with amazing content from millions of creators. Not all videos will go viral, but feeding the algorithm consistent quality content is the best way to help that happen. The biggest creators all started from the same place you did, and over time, were able to amass an incredible following. Nothing happens overnight, but slow and steady growth can work miracles. In this video we will cover how to get started as well as our favourite growth hacks to master TikTok and TikTok ads.

Here is what we’ll cover in this video:
00:00 Introduction
02:14 What are the Benefits of being on TikTok?
03:55 How Does TikTok Work?
04:13 How to Set Up Your Profile
04:54 How to Navigate the App
06:00 How to Create a TikTok Video
08:22 How to Look at Your Analytics
09:43 How to Go Viral on TikTok
10:29 Provide Value
12:10 Use Viral Sounds
13:05 Use Hooks
14:39 Find a Niche and Stick with it
16:18 Close Your App
16:54 Make Standalone Content
17:59 Watch for Shadowbans



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28 thoughts on “How to Use TikTok Marketing to…

  1. Yooo that deadass happened to me like 2 weeks ago! I posted a Instagram reel and didn’t open the app for like 3 hours and my phone was going off the whole time with notifications.

  2. We have a TikTok for business account and every video we post is now tagged with "paid partnership" at the bottom. We are organically creating and posting our own videos so I am not sure why it is saying this on them. I can't find anything online explaining how to get this removed. Any tips?

  3. NICE ONE M 🙂 any idea on how advertising works costs packages etc? are we llowed to add links to our store on personal tik tok or biz is best way to go? thx in advance UK fan 🙂

  4. Thanks Michelle, first time seen your video and very informative. Just couples of minutes before installed the first time TikTok for my E-commerce business promotion. My question is after uploading a video on TikTok then how to share links on my Facebook page and Instagram is there any privacy violation or not. Could you please guide me or share any video link to learn properly.

  5. Thanks for very useful video. ❤. Did you start your TikTok account as a business or individual? my tiktok does not offer any WEBSITE option in Private Setting. Do you perhaps know why?

  6. I work for a digital growth company that is just beginning to expand our offerings to include TikTok. I am a video editor but I don't use TikTok. This video was extremely helpful for me; I think I will be able to use a lot of your tips to create engaging ads for our clients. Thanks!

  7. Is it important to slide that toggle to make it a SPONSORED video? Especially if your platform is about promoting a free app?
    Getting shadowbanned for using copyright music. Please advise…

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