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Hey guys, thanks for checking out this how to write a blog post in wordpress 2022 tutorial where I will be showing you how to setup your very first blog post in wordpress. It can be a little tricky finding everything at first, but once you do you will see just how easy it is to post on wordpress.


00:00 Intro
00:06 How To Write A Blog Post
05:41 How To Wrap Text Around An Image
08:26 How To Duplicate A Page

Don’t forget to check out the full wordpress tutorial for beginners video here:
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6 thoughts on “How To Write A Blog Post In Wo…

  1. Nice video!

    One question only, how do you handle responsiveness. For example when you put an image next to a text, is there a way to control how it looks in different screen sizes? Do you need a plugin for that?

  2. Thanks for this tutorial. When I publish a blog post where does it go on my website? How do I get it to specifically appear on the page I've created called 'Writing' and nowhere else?

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