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In this video, you’ll learn how to write personalized outreach templates without them sounding templated.

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Link building is often seen as a spammy tactic. People are sending emails that sound templated and are clearly transactional.

If you send generic templated emails, your chances of getting a link or a reply are slim. They are more likely to end up in a spam folder than lead to a link.

The best way to master the writing of outreach emails is through a trial and error process. Practice and feedback are what will help you get better at this skill.

The primary reason why most emails sound and look robotic is because people focus on creating templates rather than writing emails. A helpful exercise is to write a personalized email to one of your prospects and then extract personalization fields to see if you can create a template with this.

Watch the video to learn how you can do this.

The best thing about the hybrid outreach method is that…


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9 thoughts on “How to Write Email Outreach Te…

  1. A special video, Having Bibi review and comment offered tremendous insight into how males and females can often see the same thing from very different perspectives, it was quite eye opening and valuable. I've been doing the reverse engineering of cold email for years now and this video is probably the first time I've ever seen anyone really speak to it explicitly, it's nice to no longer feel like I'm putting in too much thought, effort or overcomplicating things.

  2. (OFF-TOPIC)Hi SAM, I know google has a strong algorithm. But I am in confusion. And my confusion is, can google track a RESIDENTIAL IP RDP (ISP-Spectrum/AT&T/Verizon)? I want to say that if I use a RESIDENTIAL remote desktop connection, will google know it?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Great video with lots of valuable information! I loved the reverse engineering to create the cold email template. It's a great idea to write a personalized email first and see if you can extract any personalization fields to make it a template!

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