Blog titles. *Blog titles.* _Blog titles._

They matter SO much and yet people pay them so LITTLE attention. Part of the reason is that blog titles are hard. They’re tough to get right, easy to mess up, and a lot of times you’ll write what you think is a good blog title… only to see 0 traffic. Or you’ll go viral – but have no clue how that blog title worked.

Your content can be INCREDIBLE and nobody will give it a chance if you don’t know how to write clickable blog titles.

This is my 8-step guide/formula to write a great blog title that will engage attention, get the right readers on your posts, and even get readers to click on the next blog title you write. Blog titles are one of the most overlooked ways to increase your views on your blog posts, and this step-by-step guide will teach you how to write a highly clickable blog title.

00:00 Intro
00:46 Step 1: Draft title
01:32 Step 2: Write your post
02:02 Step 3: Who’s your reader?
02:28 Step 4.1: Call to pain
03:35 Step…

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18 thoughts on “How to Write Highly Clickable Blog Title…

  1. Good points. I published a few posts too soon, I thought of a better title or subtitle afterwards. Ironically my most viewed post makes more sense if the Title and subtitle were reversed. Go figure.

  2. Hi….this question if off-topic BUT could you please make a video about all the steps necessary to using a pen- name and how that works with tax filing and other associated legalities?

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