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  1. Could anyone lend a hand? I was finally able to get this whole email template working, besides the last two column section. The image and text do not align left and right, but above and below each other (centered). I've triple checked this tutorial, the 260px max width, tried floating the image/text, and everything else I can think of without luck. For once I don't believe I messed the table structure up either! His seems to align left and right from the get go with hardly any styling. Thank you.

  2. Hello, I saw that you have published a course on Udemy, I want to buy but my English is not very good, does it have subtitles? Thank you

  3. Your 2nd and 3rd border lines are different colors. Besides that, I've been trying to figure out why my 2nd border is always thinner than my 3rd border. They both contain the EXACT inline styles of 2px height and same color. Does anyone know what I'm missing here? Thanks!

  4. I have triple checked the code for the three-columns section and all the CSS, but for some reason all three images are shown vertically instead of each taking up 1/3rd of the width in the same row. Any ideas as to what I'm messing up?

  5. 3 columns is very confusing . One question i have , Why do you inner table tags for creating columns . Can't we do it using the colspan and rowSpan ?

  6. Hi, thank you for this very handy tutorial. I hope it's ok to raise question. @ 16:15 – displaying the "column" class "inline-block" is stocking the elements vertically. Will display "inline" do it?

  7. Hello there i really like your video and today i buy your cource from udemy but you use <center> tag in start this is deprecated in html it does not effect in email? thank you

  8. Hey, thanks for the tutorial, if possible kindly make a video on how to make a HTML email signature. Thank you

  9. Bro how to run the HTML, CSS CODES in the Sublime Text editor? Could you please explain and make a video on that Bro please.

  10. Looks great in Dreamweaver and when test viewing in the browser, but completely different in Gmail or IOS, and when using the URL for the images, they do not show.

  11. I’m progressing as an Email Developer and I’m just curious as to why you didn’t start most of the sections with a <table> tag? You just went straight into using the <tr> and <td> tag. I’m curious as to why that method was used🙂

  12. Hi,
    I'm from Pakistan I want to avail this discount on your udemy course but my payment method is not working any alternative please

  13. Is this true responsive or just an adaptive design? Because this is very important question in this case.

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